How Do I Choose the Best Shoe Spray?

Sherry Holetzky

With the many different types of shoe spray that are available, it will be helpful first to identify your needs. Once you determine which type of spray is a priority for you, it will be simpler to begin comparing brands and formulas. Some brands may offer combination formulas that treat more than one foot issue, such as a shoe spray that helps reduce both moisture and odor. There are also sprays for athlete’s foot and other health concerns, as well as sprays to help stretch shoes a bit to help make them fit better and feel more comfortable.

Shoe sprays may be used to polish footwear.
Shoe sprays may be used to polish footwear.

As you can see, some types of shoe spray are prepared to protect the foot while others are made to help protect the shoes themselves. There are cleaning sprays, disinfecting sprays, polishing sprays, waterproofing sprays, and more. There are specialty sprays for materials such as suede and leather so it is good to choose a formula that was created for a particular type of material. There are also products designed to help shoes resist stains. A stain-resistant spray can be great for helping shoes such as canvas sneakers stay looking great and may help make them last longer.

Sprays may be used to help shoes resist stains.
Sprays may be used to help shoes resist stains.

Once you select a type of shoe spray, begin comparing various brands. It is often helpful to read reviews on product websites and shopping sites to see how others react to different products. Various consumers may have the same concerns or needs that you do, so it doesn’t hurt to check out reviews. You may also find that one company offers better customer service. One company may have better return policies or a hotline for questions while others do not.

You can also test shoe spray on an old pair of shoes before applying it to your good shoes. This is a good way to compare a number of products without harming your favorite pair of shoes. If this is not possible, try to use only a small amount of shoe spray in an area that won’t be too noticeable, in case the product changes the finish or the color of the shoes.

If you are choosing a shoe spray for medical purposes, such as for treating athlete’s foot, you may wish to consult with your healthcare provider a recommendation. Asking your pharmacist may also be helpful. As for sprays designed to care for shoes, the shoe manufacturer or the retailer may be able to offer advice on which spray is best for which type of shoes.

Some shoe sprays help reduce moisture and odor.
Some shoe sprays help reduce moisture and odor.

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Every few months, I spray my shoes with a water repellant spray for fabrics like leather and suede. It doesn't matter if the shoes are made of leather or canvas, it works very well on all kinds of footwear. Using this spray helps keep water out of the fabric of the shoes, which can cause damage that will make them look old and worn.


If you want to freshen up your feet and keep them free of odor on hot days, you can use a deodorant spray in your shoes. One that is formulated specifically for feet, or even the kind you use under your arms, will work perfectly.

Using this type of spray in your shoes is a cheap and easy way to keep your feet feeling their best. It will also help to make your shoes last longer, since it will help prevent perspiration and odor build-up that can damage them.

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