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How Do I Choose the Best Sheath Wedding Dress?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

To choose the best sheath wedding dress, carefully consider fit as well as style and color. Sheath style gowns should neither be too loose nor too tight. Rather, they should skim the body to create an elegant effect. If your body type isn't naturally tall or thin, you should look for slenderizing lines in the dress. The fabric should drape on your body attractively. Lace tends to work especially well for a sheath wedding dress, but any medium weight, sophisticated bridal fabric can usually function in this kind of gown.

Choosing a sheath dress with a built-in train at the back can be lovely and more dramatic that one without this feature. Try turning in this type of wedding dress to see if the train will follow your movement in a stylish sweep of elegant fabric. If instead, the result is more like you're becoming tangled in the dress or it appears more like a floor washing cloth than a gown, make a different choice. If you choose a sheath wedding dress in lace or another embellished fabric, having a plain, yet voluminous gauzy veil rather than one with a lot of detail on it is usually best. A narrow crystal or other accenting trim on an otherwise plain wedding veil can be a nice touch if your budget allows.

Wedding shoes.
Wedding shoes.

Sheath gowns with their long, lean, flowing appearance are best suited for similar body types. That said, it is possible for a bride with a fuller shape or a petite stature to wear the sheath if vertical, rather than horizontal, seams and shaping are featured. A V-neck can also give the illusion of a longer line as may wearing high heeled shoes. A variation of a sheath wedding dress that features a wrap neckline may also be flattering. If you are petite and want to choose a sheath wedding dress, don't pick one with a train or other details that can overwhelm your height and make you look shorter.

A bride with a manicure that matches her dress.
A bride with a manicure that matches her dress.

The sheath bridal dress' color is totally up to you since this style can look great in many different colors from traditional whites and creams to pastels or jewel tones. Of course, the color should flatter your skin tone and eyes. The right color will tend to make your eyes and skin look brighter and less lined, while the wrong one typically has the opposite effect.

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    • Wedding shoes.
      By: Meffista
      Wedding shoes.
    • A bride with a manicure that matches her dress.
      By: Zoja
      A bride with a manicure that matches her dress.
    • Some sheath wedding dresses have built-in trains.
      By: tayindigo
      Some sheath wedding dresses have built-in trains.