How do I Choose the Best Septic Tank Cleaning?

J. Beam
J. Beam
Septic tank maintenance requires periodic inspection, cleaning and treatment.
Septic tank maintenance requires periodic inspection, cleaning and treatment.

For homeowners with septic tanks rather than city or county wastewater management, septic tank cleaning is an important part of home maintenance. An unpleasant task to be sure, regular septic tank cleaning and maintenance is essential to proper function of the system and can help avoid costly and even more unpleasant problems. Though relatively simple to maintain, a septic tank still requires some attention at regular intervals.

Septic tank maintenance requires periodic inspection, cleaning, and treatment. Most homeowners prefer to establish a relationship with a septic tank cleaning company to help establish and maintain a regular maintenance schedule. To find a septic tank cleaning company, check your local area phone book, ask city or township officials, or even ask neighbors. Look for a well-established company that serves several homes in your area.

Septic tank cleaning involves pumping the tank out every three to five years on average. The frequency at which pumping is done is largely based on household use and a septic cleaning contractor can help you determine a schedule. Your contractor should ask you questions to determine use, including the number of people in your household, whether you use a garbage disposal, and the frequency of water use.

Treatment of septic tanks is also important to keeping a septic tank clean. There are a wide variety of chemicals used in septic tank cleaning, but knowing which chemicals to use and when is important to overall performance. Using too many chemicals can upset the microbe balance, which effects the rate of waste decay. Again, choosing a qualified septic tank cleaning company will make this process simpler.

While some homeowners may feel confident in treating and cleaning their own septic tank, remember that a professional septic maintenance company has years and years of experience and knowledge. Problems can occur quickly and they can be costly if a septic tank is left improperly treated and cleaned for long. In fact, most maintenance and cleaning schedules are cheaper to maintain than a single repair to a septic tank system failure.

As with any regular contractor, it is always a good idea to interview companies to gauge their knowledge and professionalism and to compare pricing. After receiving or finding three referrals or companies to contact, choose the one you feel provides the best understanding of your system and situation. You can easily save yourself money and headaches down the road by establishing a relationship with a reputable septic maintenance company.

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    • Septic tank maintenance requires periodic inspection, cleaning and treatment.
      By: gozzoli
      Septic tank maintenance requires periodic inspection, cleaning and treatment.