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How Do I Choose the Best Sensitive Face Cream?

K. Testa
K. Testa

Choosing the best sensitive face cream can depend on several factors, not the least of which is the cream's intended purpose. For instance, you might want an all-day moisturizer, a night cream or a cleansing cream, all of which serve different objectives. You should also familiarize yourself with common face cream ingredients and avoid products with potential irritants. In most cases, you can get helpful information by consulting a dermatologist and reading consumer reviews of skin care products.

If you have extremely sensitive skin, it is usually recommended that you speak to a dermatologist before shopping for a sensitive face cream. He or she can suggest specific products based on your individual skin issues. Dermatologists can also provide opinions about effective facial creams and dispel myths about what may or may not work for you. He or she can address specific symptoms that you might be experiencing as well, including dry or red skin, to help you choose an appropriate sensitive face cream.

Face cream for sensitive skin.
Face cream for sensitive skin.

In general, many people prefer a daily moisturizer that is not too heavy, especially if they live in warmer climates. A light facial cream can provide the necessary moisture without clogging your pores or irritating your sensitive skin. To further protect your skin from the elements, it is usually recommended that you choose a daily moisturizer than contains sunscreen. At night or in a cold, dry climate, you might prefer to use a heavier sensitive face cream. Other products that might benefit you include a daily cleansing cream or a facial masque.

A dermatologist may be able to provide opinions about effective facial creams.
A dermatologist may be able to provide opinions about effective facial creams.

When possible, try to choose a natural sensitive face cream that does not contain harsh ingredients. Many people, even those without particularly sensitive skin, can experience negative reactions to certain ingredients, especially perfumes and fragrances. Some facial creams contain certain additives, such as aloe, chamomile extract and green tea, which actually help fight skin irritation. Avoiding known harmful ingredients and seeking beneficial ones is a common method for choosing the best sensitive face cream.

For more information, consumer reviews of most products on the market are readily available, both online and in print publications. Consumer databases and forums can provide helpful information to anyone searching for sensitive face cream and related products. Finding this information is generally as easy as performing a search online. In addition, some medical journals and certain magazines periodically publish articles and studies about skin care, which can assist you in choosing the best sensitive face cream.

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@anon298649: Here are a couple of suggestions. Try the Clinique moisturizer, if you haven't. It's good, and especially formulated for people allergic to fragrances, etc.

Also, try Aveeno hand lotion. Yeah, I know, it sounds weird. But I have sensitive skin and Aveeno is good stuff, and it moisturizes wonderfully well. The store brands of Aveeno are just as good. I've found it to be a great alternative to the expensive department store brands.


I have skin that gets really dry when I wash it with acne wash, so I avoid those and use a product called purpose. It's a gentle cleansing wash that is soap free, hypoallergenic and won't clog pores. I use a little makeup, so I use it to wash my face. It does a good job at cleaning my skin and leaves very little behind. However, my skin still gets dry, especially in the winter months.

I have tried several different kinds of facial moisturizers, including the ones for sensitive skin, but they still break my skin out. I get pimples from the moisturizers. Is there a moisturizer I can use that will give the moisture my skin needs but won't break it out?

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    • Face cream for sensitive skin.
      By: picsfive
      Face cream for sensitive skin.
    • A dermatologist may be able to provide opinions about effective facial creams.
      By: goodluz
      A dermatologist may be able to provide opinions about effective facial creams.