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How Do I Choose the Best Self Tanner for Fair Skin?

Lauren Romano
Lauren Romano

The lighter the skin, the higher the possibility that streaks and other mistakes from self tanner are going to show more prominently, so it's important to choose the product carefully. Online reviews are useful for learning information from customers who have already used the products. Read the packaging before purchasing and opt for buying the lightest shade of self tanner for fair skin. Test it out on a small part of the body rather than putting it all over the first time.

Start out by searching online stores and review sites to find the top self tanner for fair skin. Filter the options by average customer review, then read the product reviews for the past year on each item, as anything before that may no longer be relevant if the product has been adjusted since then. Reading the online reviews written by customers who have already used the products is a good way to see which ones work and which are a waste of money.

A self tanner.
A self tanner.

Look for brands that have several shades to choose from as opposed to those that offer only one or two shades. Despite the temptation to go darker, opt for the lightest shade possible. Starting out with a shade that's too dark can make the tan look fake. The key to choosing a self tanner for fair skin is to start light and gradually build up so the color looks natural.

Before choosing a self tanner for fair skin, read the information on the back of the packaging. Many brands have a shade guide on the back of each product that details which is best to purchase depending on the desired color of skin. It typically shows a comparison from the current skin tone to what it will look like after the use of a particular product.

Don't make the mistake of slathering it on right away, but start by testing the self tanner out on a small area of the body to observe the color change as well as keep an eye out for any skin irritations. Exfoliate, then try it on a part of the body that can be covered up by clothing or accessories, such as on the ankle, the hip or on the back of the wrist. Give it at least a day to set, then evaluate whether it's a good shade to use or whether it's better to go with a different one.

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    • A self tanner.
      By: caimacanul
      A self tanner.