How do I Choose the Best Securities Law Firms?

L. Dunne
L. Dunne
Businessman giving a thumbs-up
Businessman giving a thumbs-up

Securities law firms focus on a complex area of the law. To choose the best firm for your securities issue, begin with recommendations or a lawyer referral service in the area. Consider the reputation of the company and its list of accomplishments. Remember that, while advertisements can be useful, they may not give an accurate depiction of the law firm. You should also consider the specialty and location of the firm as well as its policy on fees.

State bar associations may also have a lawyer referral service that can help you locate a securities law firm or lawyer in your state. Many large cities have lawyer referral services to aid individuals in finding the best lawyer to meet their needs. You may want to contact one of these services to obtain some suggestions on local firms. Not all services provide quality referrals, though, and you should ask the referral service what criteria it uses when referring firms. You may also want to take recommendations from any friends, family, or business contacts who have previously utilized securities law firms.

The local reputation of a firm is also important. Securities law firms handle many other legal issues besides lawsuits, which can make finding a list of successfully litigated cases difficult. If your circumstances might involve a lawsuit or trial, you may want to consider a securities attorney with a proven record of accomplishment in the courtroom. If you have other legal securities issues, look for a firm that is well trusted in the community.

Due to the nature of the business, many securities law firms do not advertise as much as firms in other fields do. If reviewing advertisements to make your choice, remember that advertisements highlight the positive qualities of the law firm and will not list any off-putting aspects. Consult multiple sources when making your choice to ensure that you receive all the information necessary to choose wisely.

There are numerous sets of laws and regulations relating to securities. Choose a law firm that specializes in the type of securities you are concerned with. The location of the firm should also be taken into consideration. Make sure it is convenient and in the appropriate jurisdiction if a lawsuit or trial may occur. Finally, discuss fees up front with any potential securities law firms. Each firm has different policies on charging, and up front discussions can eliminate any misunderstandings later.

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    • Businessman giving a thumbs-up
      Businessman giving a thumbs-up