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How Do I Choose the Best Running Pouch?

Misty Amber Brighton
Misty Amber Brighton

A running pouch can help you keep track of items such as car keys or an identification card while you are running. These devices may fit around your waist, arm, or ankle, and the one you choose can largely depend on which type you find most comfortable. Think about what you may want to carry with you while you are running, because a jogging pouch could be designed to hold a cell phone, MP3 player, or water bottles. This type of running gear comes in many sizes, so you should try the pouch on to make sure it fits properly.

Visiting a sporting-goods or athletic supply store can be a good way to choose a running pouch. Ask a sales representative to show you different models so you can find one you are comfortable with. There are jogging pouches that fit around your waist, ankles, or arm, and you may want to try all of the different ones to see which is most comfortable for you. If possible, bring the items you will carry with you when you are running and place them in the pouch when you try it on. In the event the store also has a treadmill, you may want to try wearing different pouches while using this piece of fitness equipment so you will have an idea how it will feel when you are actually running.

Waterproof pouches are best for runners who often get caught in rainstorms.
Waterproof pouches are best for runners who often get caught in rainstorms.

A running pouch comes in many different sizes, and it is important to find the right one. This jogging pouch is too tight if it rubs or cuts into your skin while you are exercising. It is too loose if it twists from side to side or droops when you begin running. This can usually be solved by tightening or loosening the jogging pouch, but if this does not help, you will need to choose a different size.

You can buy a running pouch with many different features, so you may want to think about where and when you will be jogging. For example, some have reflective stripes on them, which could be a good choice if you plan to run when it is dark outside. You may want a waterproof jogging pouch if you often run when it is raining or snowing. This running gear comes in many different styles and colors, so finding one that matches your workout gear yet also serves your needs can be simple and inexpensive to do.

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I would be lost without my running belt pouch. Once I slip it around my waist I don't have to worry about where I am going to keep the things I need.

Since my running clothes don't have pockets in them, I always keep my house key and cell phone in my running pouch.

Once in awhile I will stick a few other items in there, but I never leave for a run without these two things.

It's nice to know that I won't be locked out of my house, and there have been several times that I have needed to use my phone.


My running pouch doesn't get used very often for its intended purpose anymore. My back and knees really started to bother me, so most of my exercising is done in the gym these days.

I still hold on to it though and use it from time to time. I recently took my running waist pack with me on a trip to Disney World.

I didn't want to worry about carrying a bag around with me all day. Everything I needed for the day fit into my running pouch and this left my hands free.


I like to run as a form of commuting so I always carry a bag with me. My office has showers in it to accommodate the many people who bike into work so they make it pretty easy to do. I love to run but I have a pretty busy schedule and can't often find the time. Combining a run with my daily commute is a great way to kill two birds with one stone.

The bag that I use fits tightly to my body so it doesn't bounce around while I run. I can't carry a ton of stuff in it but it will hold all of my important business papers. I got it at a store that caters only to runners.


I tried running with a running pouch for a while but I found that it was more trouble than it was worth. The first time I got it I loaded it full of stuff like water a granola bar an extra pair of socks and even a first aid kit. I got about a mile into my jog and realized that I had packed way more stuff than I would ever need. The granola bar seemed especially frivolous. Who wants to eat in the middle of a run?


A running pouch is a great tool, but its important to remember to only bring along the things that you will absolutely need. It is too easy to fill a bag full of ever single thing that you might need in case of some rare circumstance and before you know it you are more suited for a backpacking trip than a nice jog.

Personally, I don't carry anything more than some water and a MP3 player. Sometimes I don't even bring the water. I mostly just jog in my neighborhood, so if I decide I need something I am never far from home. The more stuff you carry the more you will be weighed down and also a big bag tends to bounce against your body with every step which can get really annoying really fast. Run light and you will run better.

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    • Waterproof pouches are best for runners who often get caught in rainstorms.
      By: espion
      Waterproof pouches are best for runners who often get caught in rainstorms.