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How Do I Choose the Best Romano Beans?

Kristeen Moore
Kristeen Moore

Romano beans are a type of Italian vegetable that can be utilized as a part of a main course, or cooked on their own for a side dish. When selecting these kinds of snap beans, the best ones are either yellow or bright green in color. Although the vegetable is characteristically flat, you should not choose beans that are limp in texture. Some consumers and cooks prefer organic vegetables over traditionally grown ones, so you might choose this version of Romano beans if you have health concerns. Canned versions can be purchased as an alternative if fresh beans are not currently in season in your area.

One of the most telling signs of quality Romano beans are their colors. Unlike other types of snap beans, Italian kinds can vary in color between yellow and green. When choosing Romano beans, ensure that the colors are bright because dull vegetables are indicative of spoilage. Also avoid beans that have any brown spots on them, or ones that have slits along their sides.

The best Romano beans are either yellow or bright green in color.
The best Romano beans are either yellow or bright green in color.

Another characteristic of Romano beans is their flatness. Unlike green beans, the Italian versions are flat, making it ideal to sauté them in butter or garlic. Although the beans are not naturally plump, this does not mean that they should be limp. Choose Italian snap beans that are firm enough so that you can snap the ends off easily when you are ready to cook them.

Organic snap beans are the best choice if you are concerned about the level of chemicals left behind on your foods that might occur during conventional harvesting processes. Since the whole bean is eaten, there is a higher chance of there being pesticide residue on the vegetable compared to other types of produce that are skinned or shelled before eaten. Organic Romano beans might be more challenging to find, but natural food stores generally offer the most varieties.

Canned Romano beans are the best choice if the vegetable is not in season in your region. Typically, various kinds of snap beans are at their peak during the summer months, although some grocery stores can get them year-round for shoppers. If the available beans are not in good shape, then you should use canned versions in order to ensure that you get the best taste and quality. Salt can be a concern for some people, so you might consider rinsing the beans before cooking them, or opt for reduced-sodium cans instead.

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    • The best Romano beans are either yellow or bright green in color.
      By: chiyacat
      The best Romano beans are either yellow or bright green in color.