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How do I Choose the Best Resin Adirondack Chair?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

Resin plastics are often used for outdoor furniture because they require little or no maintenance, and they are resistant to weather damage such as rotting, splitting, warping, or cracking. A resin Adirondack chair mimics the traditional style of an Adirondack chair but is made from resin to enhance the durability of the chair as it sits exposed to the elements. When choosing a resin Adirondack chair, it is important to consider the quality of the resin, the ease of assembly, the quality of all of the parts, and the aesthetic that is in keeping with the Adirondack chair style.

Not all resins are strong, and not all look good. Be sure to choose a resin Adirondack chair made from high quality resin that is thick enough and strong enough to support an adult's weight without wobbling or sagging. Be sure to test out the chair for comfort and strength, and when you sit in the chair, shift your weight around to ensure the chair is constructed solidly. Squeaking, creaking, popping, and shifting are all indications of weak construction that can become a problem later on after the chair has seen some use. Take note of how the pieces of resin on the resin Adirondack chair are connected, and be sure the connecting process is solid and reliable.

Woman posing
Woman posing

The look of the resin Adirondack chair is important; this is, after all, why you have chosen this chair in the first place. Be sure the chair is in keeping with the traditional style of Adirondack chair, or is at least close. Some modern models feature flourishes and decorative features that make the chair even more attractive, but some models stray so far from the original design that they no longer look or feel like Adirondack chairs. Choosing the color of the chair is a matter of preference, so choose a color that fits your yard. Wood tone is, unfortunately, difficult or impossible to find in a resin Adirondack chair, but bright colors are possible and look great in resin.

Choose features that will suit your needs as well. Some chairs come in a set that includes a side table also made from resin, or even a foot rest attachment that can enhance the comfort of the chair as a whole. The foot rest often supports the entire lower legs, so be sure the structure is constructed just as well as the chair itself.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing