How Do I Choose the Best Rental Bulldozer?

Dan Cavallari

Most companies will not offer a rental bulldozer to a person without experience driving one, as these machines can be difficult to use and can cause a significant amount of damage. If you have experience, however, you will need to consider what type of bulldozer you need, how you will transport the rental bulldozer to the job site, and what kind of budget you will be have. If you are inexperienced, you may consider hiring someone to transport the machine to the job site and do the job for you. This is an ultimately safer option and it may be more cost-effective.

The cost of a rental bulldozer will vary according to the size of the machine.
The cost of a rental bulldozer will vary according to the size of the machine.

Assess carefully what kind of job you need done to make sure you get the right size of bulldozer as well as the right type. Some bulldozers are quite large, and they are useful for big jobs, but they may not be ideal for smaller jobs in tight spaces. Bulldozers may also feature either wheels with rubber tires, or tracks. Which design you will need will depend on the type of job as well as the terrain on which the bulldozer will operate. If you are not sure which rental bulldozer design will be best for you, ask the rental company for suggestions. They will often know which machine is safest and most effective for certain purposes.

The cost of a rental bulldozer will vary according to the size of the machine, how long you will need it, and how you will transport it. If you have your own large flatbed truck, you can avoid delivery fees, but most people do not have this convenient option. A rental bulldozer may be best rented from a company that will deliver the unit and hire a driver to do the excavation for you. These drivers are experienced and will be likely to complete a significant amount of work in less time than you would be able to do it yourself. If you are an experienced bulldozer driver, consider the delivery option and find the best hourly rental price for your needs.

The bucket size of the rental bulldozer will have an impact on how much material can be moved at once. The bulldozer will have a load capacity, and this capacity should not be exceeded; if the load is exceeded, the machine can become unstable or even stuck. Be sure to pick a rental bulldozer with a capacity appropriate for the job you will be completing.

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