How do I Choose the Best Remote Control Organizer?

Marty Paule
Marty Paule
A TV remote control.
A TV remote control.

A remote control organizer, sometimes referred to as a remote control caddy, is the ideal way to keep your collection of remote controls handy. They are available in a variety of designs and materials to match most decor and users' needs. When it comes to choosing the right remote control organizer, consider how many remote controls or other devices you plan to store in it. Where and how you use the remotes can help determine which design best meets your needs. If you're handy, you may want to make your own.

Many remote control organizer models are designed to be hung from the arm of a chair, sofa, or recliner, keeping them close at hand. Chair-arm designs may not be the right choice if the people who will be operating the remote controls do not always sit in the same chair. If you opt for one of these arm-suspended models, confirm that the arm of your chair will accommodate it and that the design offers sufficient space or individual pockets to store all your remotes, a phone, a notepad, and any other items you will want to keep at your fingertips.

You may wish to consider a tabletop remote control organizer since they are available in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. While they may not be as readily accessible as models that hang from a chair arm, if the table you plan to place it on is in a convenient spot, that is not an issue. Some tabletop organizers have a revolving design which can be convenient with a large collection of remote controls. Others also have specific slots to hold pens, pencils, and program guides, helping to cut down on clutter. A design that has a storage area intended to hold headphones can be convenient if you use them regularly while listening to music or viewing TV.

People who enjoy playing video games can find remote control organizer models designed to suit their needs. Designs for gamers include space for game cartridges and the cables with which you connect your game console to your TV. Some models provide storage for the console itself.

Since most remote control caddies have simple designs, you may want to consider making one for yourself as a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) project. There are many free plans and patterns available on the Internet. If you enjoy sewing, look for a design that can be made from fabric. You could also consider making a simple box-type organizer using wood or a wood stain that matches or coordinates with your furnishings.

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    • A TV remote control.
      A TV remote control.