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How Do I Choose the Best Refurbished Elliptical?

Patti Kate
Patti Kate

Before you buy a refurbished elliptical machine, be sure it comes with a manufacturer's warranty. Always buy your refurbished fitness equipment from a reputable source. If you're buying "as is" without the ability to return the used elliptical for a refund or exchange, inspect it carefully before you make the purchase. Inquire about any defects, malfunctions, or cosmetic flaws. Don't buy a refurbished or used elliptical sight unseen.

Not every fitness equipment manufacturer has the same standards for refurbishing their machines. If you plan on buying a refurbished elliptical trainer directly from the manufacturer, check their website for more information. If there is a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page, you might be able to learn about the company's process for refurbishing equipment. If the refurbished elliptical must pass a quality assurance test before being resold, chances are you'll be getting a decent machine.

Women on elliptical machines.
Women on elliptical machines.

If the refurbished elliptical you're planning to buy is fully assembled and on display in the store, try it out. Spend at least 15 minutes on the machine, testing all aspects of the operation. Be sure the foot pedals are cushioned and the padding is not torn. Ripped padding on the foot pedals could present a safety issue.

When using the elliptical, there should not be any unusual squeaks or other noise. Also, be sure the flywheel offers fluid movement and does not jam. If the refurbished elliptical has adjustable resistance, check out all of the levels to be sure it's in working order. If the machine has a built-in safety mechanism to prevent young children from operating it, check to be sure this feature works.

The control panel or dashboard of a refurbished elliptical should operate flawlessly. Check the digital display by placing batteries in the console, if necessary. The wiring should be intact, with no loose connections. If the elliptical has a built-in fan, be sure it operates without any noise.

Inspect the used or refurbished elliptical for loose parts or bolts that are rusted. Never buy refurbished exercise equipment that is rusty. A rusty frame on a used elliptical may not be sturdy and could lead to injury.

Finally, consider the pros and cons of buying a used or refurbished elliptical machine. It may seem like a good deal, but if the elliptical needs further repairs or does not come with a warranty, it could cost you more in the long run than a brand new model. If the equipment is guaranteed to work like new, you could be getting a good deal.

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    • Women on elliptical machines.
      By: Andres Rodriguez
      Women on elliptical machines.