How do I Choose the Best Reflexology Massager?

Sandra Koehler

A reflexology massager is a unique tool used to provide an easy way to gain all the benefits of a reflexology massage. These devices allow the user to control and perform self reflexology. They also provide options for timed or continuous massaging sensations.

Reflexology massagers enable users to perform foot massages independently.
Reflexology massagers enable users to perform foot massages independently.

Reflexology is based on the theory that there are points on the hands and feet which relate to every part of the body similar to a map. By knowing how the different points relate to each body part, this specialized form of manual technique stimulates these areas and affects the corresponding body part. In other words, by massaging the area of the foot or hand that directly corresponds to the back can transfer the healing components of the massage to that area.

Reflexology can be practiced on the hands as well as the feet.
Reflexology can be practiced on the hands as well as the feet.

Since reflexology massagers come in a variety of types, this technique can be performed independently. Some reflexology massagers even offer the soothing massage properties simply by wearing a specifically designed item such as flip flops or shoe inserts. This type of footwear has strategically placed raised nodules or rounded bumps that supply direct pressure to all the major reflexology points of the foot.

Foot reflexology massagers also come as machines similar to those found in spas. By placing the foot into the foot wells, reflexology massage can be performed at a speed and intensity that provides the user with the most comfort and benefit. These electronic devices have optional foot bath or whirlpool effects and heating options as well. Some even come with leg wells to provide a soothing massage on the calf and lower leg to increase general circulation while providing pain relief.

The reflexology massager also comes in the form of specific tools designed to aid in self massage. A foot roller, for example is a tube-like device which is rolled over the soles of the feet to hit all the major reflexology points in the foot. They can either have a smooth surface or rubberized bumps to increase the stimulation of the reflex points. These roller reflexology massager tools are also available for the hand, typically round in shape with small soft projections to elevate massage pressure to the appropriate areas.

Some reflexology massager devices come in the form of specialized tools such as long curved sticks with a rounded edge to provide localized pressure massage. Focused pressure may also be attained through hand held tools with tips rounded and padded or slightly more contoured for precise and deeper pressure techniques. Hand-held aid also include larger circular pads on a long hand to provide the stimulation of several points simultaneously.

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