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How Do I Choose the Best PVC Greenhouse?

Marlene de Wilde
Marlene de Wilde

It is not difficult to build a greenhouse in the backyard, and homeowners may choose to do it themselves from scratch or invest in a greenhouse kit. There are many variations in size, structure and materials, and the final decision depends on personal taste and needs. The cheaper option usually involves the use of polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, as a cover and a wooden frame. Careful planning of a PVC greenhouse is essential if the project is to be a success.

The first decision is where to position the greenhouse. The best location is where there is sunlight all day, but if that is not possible, then morning sunlight is a good alternative. This ensures that the plant's food production process begins early in the day. Drainage is something else to take into consideration, and if possible, you should build the greenhouse on slightly higher ground.

Cheaper greenhouses can be constructed with PVC pipes.
Cheaper greenhouses can be constructed with PVC pipes.

Greenhouses can be attached to a house or garage, or they could be freestanding. Attached greenhouses, as in a lean-to, take up less room and are less expensive, as one wall and some supporting structures are already in place. There is also easier access to electricity, water and heat. Another kind of attached is called an even-span, which is a larger, costlier structure.

A freestanding structure can be bigger than the attached types. The only thing to take into consideration is that a separate heating system will be needed, and electricity and water must be installed. The larger the greenhouse, the easier it is to manage the air temperature, as it does not fluctuate as much as in a smaller one.

As far as structural materials go, the frames are made of aluminum, wood or galvanized steel. PVC plastic is usually the cheaper of the coverings used but generally needs to be replaced more frequently than glass or fiberglass counterparts. The plastic film requires a lighter frame, so costs can also be saved on the structure. This usually means that the frame is wooden and there are bows of PVC pipe attached. These hold up the plastic covering. PVC is a type of plastic that may cost slightly more than other types but can last as long as five years.

PVC pipes come in different lengths and weights, with the thicker, stronger one recommended for greenhouse construction. The best kind of wood to use in a PVC greenhouse is one that has been treated with an environmentally safe preservative to withstand contact from the ground and moisture. The higher the concentration of the preservative, the longer the wood will last. The best PVC greenhouse is one that best suits the location, budget and taste of the home owner.

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    • Cheaper greenhouses can be constructed with PVC pipes.
      By: thejimcox
      Cheaper greenhouses can be constructed with PVC pipes.