How do I Choose the Best Pull out Faucet?

B. Turner

Many modern kitchens include a sink with a pull out faucet, which helps homeowners maximize convenience while cooking or cleaning. These devices fit into a standard sink faucet, but can be removed as needed to fill pots with water, or rinse produce and dirty dishes. To ensure your pull out faucet will function as intended, take the time to choose the best model for your needs. Before making a purchase, consider not only the faucet's appearance, but also its operational features and installation requirements.

Pull out faucet may be useful for rinsing dirty dishes.
Pull out faucet may be useful for rinsing dirty dishes.

When choosing a pull out faucet it's helpful to narrow your selection by finish. Look for a faucet that matches the rest of the hardware in your kitchen, such as cabinet knobs and drawer pulls. Pull out faucets come in finishes ranging from chrome to copper, including those with antique or aged appearances. Some even feature an anti-bacterial coating that helps eliminate germs and bacteria. Keep in mind that polished units will require more cleaning to conceal fingerprints, while brushed or matte designs help to hide smudges.

Once you've selected the finish for your pull out faucet, choose a style and size that fits your kitchen. Those units come in both modern and traditional designs to match any d├ęcor. Pick large gooseneck-style models to ensure large pots and pans will still fit in the sink, or stick to compact designs to fit small spaces. Look for a faucet that fits the current holes in your sink or countertop to avoid the need to drill new holes.

Choose a pull out faucet with a hose that's long enough to meet your needs when cooking or washing dishes. Make sure you can easily pull the sprayer out of the base and replace it with one hand to maximize convenience. Check to ensure the faucet fits your hand and you can easily reach all buttons or levers needed for operation.

Buyers should also examine the size of the faucet head and the type of sprayer featured on the unit. A faucet with a greater flow can fill pots more quickly, while one with a more concentrated flow may work better in small sinks, or for cleaning smaller items. The size of the sprayer head also impacts the overall appearance of the faucet in many cases. A smaller head fits into the faucet base to create a cohesive look, while larger sprayers often don't blend in as well.

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