How Do I Choose the Best Promotional Pencils?

Felicia Dye

To choose the best promotional pencils, consider your budget first, then shop online for options that are affordable. You should choose the colors of both the pencils and the lettering in advance so that you can narrow your choices accordingly. If your target group uses specialty pencils in their profession, you should select that type of pencil for your promotional efforts. Otherwise, you can choose pencils with shapes or designs that are suitable to your taste. Also, keep in mind that your target group may be best served with mechanical pencils.

Mechanical pencils might be best for a target group that might not have access to a pencil sharpener.
Mechanical pencils might be best for a target group that might not have access to a pencil sharpener.

There are a wide range of promotional pencils available, so choosing those that are best for you can depend on a number of factors. Staying within the budget is always important when making purchases such as these. To begin with, you should know that some companies set minimums on the number of pencils you can order. If a company's minimum exceeds your needs, look elsewhere.

Most mechanical pencils are made of plastic.
Most mechanical pencils are made of plastic.

If you have limited funds, you should search online because you are more likely to find higher quality pencils at lower prices than you would if making a purchase in-store or through a catalog. Even online you are likely to find that there can be a significant amount of variation in the prices. Make sure that you take the time to compare your options.

Consider what you want printed on the promotional pencils. You may want only a name or you may want to also include a slogan and logo. You need to consider this in the beginning because this information should affect your color choices. If the pencils are promoting a business, it is best to select the same colors that are used on other items such as signs, business cards and letterheads. All styles of pencils may not be available in the color of pencil or lettering that you need.

If you do not require specific colors, you still need to make put some thought into the selection. Make sure that the barrel color and the color of any printing on it are contrasting. Otherwise it may be difficult to read, which will not help your promotional efforts.

Since the purpose of distributing promotional pencils is to attract attention, it is best to consider your target market and to select pencils that are best for that group. For example, individuals in the construction industry frequently use carpenter pencils. Artists, on the contrary, tend to sketch with charcoal pencils. It is best to give a person something that he can use. Otherwise, the recipient may toss it aside and your promotional efforts will be wasted.

If you are not targeting a group that needs specialty pencils, you can attract attention by selecting special shaped pencils. If you sell sporting goods, for example, you may want to choose pencils that are shaped like footballs. If you cannot find an appropriate shape, consider getting promotional pencils with designs that are suitable for your audience.

Another thing that you need to closely consider is the recipient's access to pencil sharpeners. Teachers, students, and office workers are people who generally have access to these items, so regular wood pencils may not present any problems for them. When you consider your target group, if you think that pencil sharpeners may not be readily accessible, such as for a truck driver, you should promote yourself with mechanical pencils.

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