How Do I Choose the Best Professional Beauty Supplies?

D. Nelson
D. Nelson
Cotton wool pads are used to remove makeup and nail polish.
Cotton wool pads are used to remove makeup and nail polish.

Professionals who work in salons, spas, and barber shops stock their establishments with professional beauty supplies. These supplies might be equipment, such as hairdryers and salon chairs, as well as cosmetics, such as nail polish and makeup. To choose the best professional beauty supplies, you first should list which specific products you like, this way you can choose suppliers who provide these brands or items. If there is a particular brand for hair dye that you prefer, for instance, you might want to contact that company or read resources they provide in catalogs or online. You might find that this company provides its consumers with lists of suppliers that they recommend.

Any customer service establishment is dependent on the performance of its suppliers, and this is no different when it comes to professional beauty supplies. You should become familiar with the reputation of a supplier before you begin to order from it. By reading trade magazines and client forums online, you can get a good idea about the kinds of experiences that other businesses have had with suppliers. If you find that one supplier is consistently late delivering products, you might want to find an alternative. Your business can suffer if you cannot offer clients the products you advertise and which they expect.

All professional beauty supplies businesses are prone to running out of stock of some items. It is important, however, that a supplier you choose has a practical and convenient system for dealing with these issues. Some professionals in this field prefer suppliers that promise to send supplies as soon as they are available. This can be much more convenient than having to reorder products again and again until they are available, which is the case with some suppliers.

Many professional beauty supplies companies conduct much of their business online. Clients can place orders, browse catalogs, and report problems on websites. Before committing to a supplier, you should become familiar with its website. Make sure that it is easy to use and that you can find all of the information you need.

Even if you prefer to order professional beauty supplies from a website, however, it can be important that you have a way to contact service representatives over the telephone. When you need urgent service, perhaps because a delivery is missing essential items, you should have a contact person with whom you can make arrangements. Likewise, you should be familiar with a company's policies regarding refunds and damaged goods.

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@manykitties2 - You might be able to find the same hair straightener online somewhere. I've noticed that a lot of salons tend to use the same tools that consumers buy also. They just tend to get them at a discount!

My friends mom is a hair stylist, and she gave me my all time favorite curling iron. That thing is like magic, I swear! Anyway, I thought that it was some kind of super special salon-only curling iron until I saw it a beauty supply store one day! It was way more expensive that what I paid for it through my friends mom, but it was available for purchase!


@manykitties2 - If you have your eyes on any of the professional beauty supply equipment you should ask your salon if they have a catalog you can see. Often salons can order in a product and sell it to you at cost if you have a good relationship with them.

I managed to get a really nice hairdryer and brush set through my salon because I asked about the products they were using. I think that having professional beauty supplies can make a lot of difference when you are doing your own hair at home. If you want quality style, you need quality tools.


I have been using professional beauty supplies for years instead of the stuff you would buy in a store. I find the salon quality shampoos and conditioners to be far superior to the ones available in the big box stores. The only real downside to buying professional beauty supplies as a customer is that they can be quite expensive.

I have a pretty good relationship with my salon and they give me a discount on the supplies that I buy off of them. Right now I have my eye on a very high-end hair straightener, exactly like my salon uses. Do you think I would be able to buy something like that through my salon, or would I be out of luck? It's not quite the same as regular beauty supplies.


@Sierra02 - Congratulations on opening your own beauty shop. Did you know that cosmetics, just like accounting and alcohol are recession proof businesses? Isn't that funny! Women have to look good at all times right?

Anyway just wanted to let you know that I generally use three different suppliers to stock my stores with. This way I'm sure that my shelves will always be fully stocked and it gives me a larger variety of items to choose from.

One of my suppliers is a locally owned business but the other two are online and can be accessed by anyone with a business license. They do require a minimum order, but it's pretty small. Good luck to you and your success!


I recently opened my own local boutique and I'm wanting to have some professional beauty supplies such as hair products and nail polish in my store. I've been in touch with various beauty suppliers, but didn't really know what questions to ask until I read this article. I feel much more confident calling and researching suppliers today!

A major point to me is keeping stock of items. My shop isn't very large so it will be more noticeable when any of my supplies are out of stock. Now I know how to ask those questions to the suppliers. I'll also know that they're the type of supplier that will send it to me as soon as it's available rather than wait for me to keep calling and checking.

I'm also interested in finding an all-in-one supplier for the choices I want in my store so that I can reduce the amount of people I'm working with to supply my boutique! Now I know I should search for one supplier who will provide me with my very own contact person.

Any other tips or pointers when dealing with beauty suppliers is greatly appreciated.

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    • Cotton wool pads are used to remove makeup and nail polish.
      Cotton wool pads are used to remove makeup and nail polish.