How Do I Choose the Best Professional Beard Trimmer?

Christina Edwards

A professional beard trimmer will usually make trimming a beard convenient and easy. You should first decide what features and attachments you want in a beard trimmer before buying one. Choosing between battery-powered, electric, or rechargeable trimmers can be difficult, but each of these trimmers has its advantages. You should also purchase a beard trimmer that is durable, yet still within your price range.

Professional beard trimmers may be available as battery-powered, electric, or rechargeable trimmers.
Professional beard trimmers may be available as battery-powered, electric, or rechargeable trimmers.

Most of the time, a professional beard trimmer will come with a variety of accessories. Brushes, combs, and other professional shaving supplies are often included. Attachments to create varying beard lengths, sometimes called guides, are some of the most common accessories included with beard trimmers.

Sometimes these guides are removable and can be clipped onto the blades so that guides of varying sizes can be used. A professional beard trimmer may also have an adjustable guide built onto the device. Beard hair can be cut at different lengths by just sliding the guide up or back.

Many beard trimmers include a turbo button, which gives a burst of extra power. This is used when a man needs to cut through a thick patch of hair. Others may come with a miniature vacuum system, which contains the trimmed hair in a small container. This container can be emptied after each trim or shave, making clean up easy.

When buying a professional beard trimmer, you will also have to decide how you want it to be powered. Battery-powered beard trimmers are typically the least expensive and most portable, but they may not have enough power to cut through thick beards. An electronic beard trimmer, on the other hand, will usually be powerful enough to trim the thickest beard, but some men may find it difficult to work around the cord. A rechargeable beard trimmer is often considered the best choice, because it is powerful as well as portable.

A professional beard trimmer that is durable is very important. A well-made trimmer should last for years. When it comes to trimmer blades, stainless steel is good, but titanium is considered much better. Some trimmers are also waterproof.

Extra accessories and features on a professional beard trimmer will usually make it a little more expensive. Usually, high- quality trimmers will cost a little more, but they will also last much longer than cheap trimmers.

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