How Do I Choose the Best Professional Antivirus Software?

G. Wiesen

To choose the best professional antivirus software, you should consider the features you need from such a program, any level of support offered with it, and how you might need to modify the software. You should look at any features and tools provided and determine what kinds of malicious software it can protect you from. Some programs also offer online or phone support, which can be beneficial. Depending on your specific needs, you might look for professional antivirus software that you can modify and alter to more effectively work within your system.

Windows users are encouraged to regularly scan their computers and laptops for viruses.
Windows users are encouraged to regularly scan their computers and laptops for viruses.

Professional antivirus software typically refers to programs developed for use in a professional or commercial environment, as opposed to personal software meant for home use. One of the first things you should look for from such software is the types of malicious programs it can help protect you against. You can typically find professional antivirus software packages that include protection from not only viruses, but also spyware, adware, rootkits, and other types of malware. Any program you choose should also include any secondary features or tools you want, such as scheduling for automatic scans, the ability to view past reports from scans, and control over what files or systems are scanned by the software.

As you look at different professional antivirus software programs, you should also consider the level of support offered by its developers. You should choose a program that gives you the amount of support you want. This can include 24-hour telephone support, which allows you to call the developer with questions you have regarding any issues that may arise while using the professional antivirus software. Many programs also offer online support, which usually allows you to chat through text with a customer support representative who can guide you through troubleshooting and help you set up your initial system.

You might also consider the degree of customization offered with professional antivirus software that you choose. Different programs can provide you with varying levels of control over the software itself, which can include what drives or files to scan and the frequency with which scans should be performed. If you want even greater control over the software, then you can even consider using an open source program that allows you to modify the source code for the software itself. This type of program is certainly not for everyone, but if you want to develop your own proprietary professional antivirus software, then such a program can provide you with a foundation to build upon.

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