How do I Choose the Best Prescription Cycling Eyewear?

Dan Cavallari

It can be difficult to find prescription cycling eyewear that is affordable, so if you are beginning a search for prescription cycling eyewear, be prepared to spend a fair amount of money on a good pair of glasses that will be impact- and scratch-resistant. Many types of cycling glasses feature odd-shaped lenses, which is why the cost of prescription cycling eyewear is often so high. Begin your search by researching different companies that offer such prescription eyewear, and take note of the quality of the glasses in relation to the price. If possible, visit your local bike shop for advice on brands and specific models.

Prescription cycling eyewear can be expensive.
Prescription cycling eyewear can be expensive.

Buying prescription cycling eyewear from discount sites and unknown brands may be tempting because the price of such glasses is likely to be lower. It is often best to buy from reputable brands, however, not only for the quality of the glasses, but also for the customer service and the return or warranty policies that may be offered. Cycling is not a high-impact sport, but glasses can fall off your face and get nicked, scratched, or crushed, so it is best to check the warranty and replacement policies of each company you are considering. Some companies have a generous crash replacement policy, while others will not offer any such policy.

It can be helpful to seek the advice of cycling friends who have purchased prescription cycling eyewear.
It can be helpful to seek the advice of cycling friends who have purchased prescription cycling eyewear.

Talk to other people who have purchased prescription cycling eyewear. They may be able to tell you about positive experiences or companies worth avoiding. Find out how much they spent on their eyewear, and ask them how easy the process was to get the prescription filled and the glasses shipped to them. If possible, try on their cycling glasses to test for comfort, weight, and construction. Ask the person if the lenses are scratch resistant and shatterproof; these features will often cost much more, but in the long run, the investment will be worthwhile since scratches and damage to the lenses is a higher risk during sports activities.

Be sure to try out several pairs of glasses for comfort and adjustability if possible. The style of prescription cycling eyewear you choose is largely a matter of preference and fit, so it is a good idea to gain a solid understanding of which types of glasses fit your face well. You do not want to order prescription lenses for glasses that do not fit your face well, as this is a big investment and mistakes will cost you.

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