How Do I Choose the Best Pouf?

Mark Wollacott

Choosing the best pouf is about finding a pouf that is good to sit on, rest your feet upon and one that fits in well with the rest of your décor. Most importantly, if possible, the pouf should match or complement the rest of your three- or four-piece suite. This means finding one that has the same colors, patterns, style and material as your sofa and armchairs.

Woman with a flower
Woman with a flower

The word ‘pouf’ is a variant or alternative spelling of the word ‘pouffe,’ which is sometimes spelled ‘poof’ as well. A pouf is a type of seat or stool that does not have a back to it. It can be used as a seat in its own right or as a rather comfortable foot rest when combined with a sofa or chair. Many three- or four-piece suites come with such a piece of furniture and many others have similar pieces of furniture that can be purchased to complement the others.

The biggest consideration to take into account when selecting a good pouf for your house is not the cost, but how it fits in with your look. Think about what style you are trying to achieve and what styles you have in place already. Being an accessory and a minor piece of furniture, the pouf should naturally be one of your final decorating selections along with display vases and pictures.

Important to take into consideration are the colors of your sofa, walls, fittings such as cabinets and the carpet. It is also worth considering the colors of any throws or covers you might add to the furniture. When making at decision, you might want to consider which of the elements in your room you want the pouf to match, contrast or complement.

Materials are also important. Again, choosing the right material is about choosing the best one for you. What do you prefer to rest your posterior or feet on? Options include leather, faux leather, suite and plastic. There are also plenty of other types of pouf cover.

When choosing the best pouf, you might not be choosing just one. For example, if you have a low wooden table, especially a white one, why not consider buying half a dozen or so poufs of different colors and spread them around the table? If your other chairs are all different colors, you can go crazy and find more shades or match opposites like black poufs to white chairs and vice versa.

Use photographs to imagine how your room looks with the pouf if you can. Remember to check for quality guarantees and return policies when shopping, especially if shopping online. If making sure that your purchase goes well with the rest of your furniture is extremely important to you, then do not be afraid to take your purchase back. Sometimes people do not make the best purchase at the first attempt.

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