How do I Choose the Best Potty Training Seat?

A. Pasbjerg

Choosing the best potty training seat often depends on a variety of factors. Seats come in two standard forms: small standalone chairs with a receptacle in the middle for the child to use or attachments that can be placed on the regular toilet so the child can sit comfortably. The preference of the child may factor into which type of seat is best, as can the preferences of the parents. A family's lifestyle may also play a role in which type of potty training seat will be preferable and lead to success.

A seat can be placed on a regular toilet for potty training.
A seat can be placed on a regular toilet for potty training.

Parents may choose to take the child's lead when it comes to picking a potty training seat. Children who are afraid to use the big toilet may fare better if presented with a small, standalone seat of their own, particularly with children who like to have something specifically for them. This type of seat also offers flexibility on where it can be used for children who may have a hard time making it to the bathroom in time. On the other hand, using a ring that fits on the toilet may be preferable to a child who wants to feel more grown-up and has enough control to get to the bathroom without having an accident. Choosing a seat with familiar cartoon characters or pleasant designs may also make a seat more attractive for some children.

A potty training seat can be a stand-alone chair.
A potty training seat can be a stand-alone chair.

As there are positive and negative aspects to both types of potty training seats, the parents' preferences may also help determine which type is best. A standalone seat may be easy to move around but be harder to keep clean. Rings that attach to the toilet can help the parents avoid having to transition from the standalone seat later on, but also require that a stool be kept in the bathroom for the child to climb up. Using a potty with a splash guard for boys may help some parents avoid additional cleanup.

The best potty training seat for a family can also depend on certain lifestyle factors. Families that travel often may wish to purchase a portable ring attachment to use on toilets away from home; they may even prefer to purchase disposable types. If a bathroom is used mainly only by the child being toilet trained, a permanent ring may be installed on the toilet, but if it is used often by others the seat should be able to be removed easily.

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