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How do I Choose the Best Postgraduate Physiotherapy Program?

D. Nelson
D. Nelson

Physiotherapy is the study of physical therapy, involving treatments such as exercise and massage. Professionals who practice physiotherapy tend to work with patients who may be suffering from joint or muscle dysfunctions, injuries, and other problems that can impair physical activity. A postgraduate physiotherapy degree is required in many areas for individuals who wish to practice professionally and is normally earned after completion of an undergraduate degree in a similar field. To choose the best postgraduate physiotherapy program, it can be helpful to first find a school for which you are qualified. It can also be helpful to consider factors such as the reputation of a program, opportunities for internships and research opportunities, and available funding.

Most postgraduate physiotherapy applicants are required to have certain qualifications prior to being considered viable candidates for admission. Some common prerequisites may include satisfactory completion of relevant undergraduate courses, acceptable scores on proficiency exams, and letters of reference. Students who have experience working in fields related to physiotherapy may be considered more desirable by admissions boards since these applicants may have already demonstrated an interest in the field. Knowing the requirements and preferences of postgraduate programs can help you to save time and money by only applying to programs where you have a good chance of being accepted.

A physiotherapy session.
A physiotherapy session.

Postgraduate physiotherapy programs may vary in reputation. The prestige of a program can be determined by factors such as the employment of esteemed faculty members, selectivity of admissions, and access to equipment, internships, and clinical research opportunities. Some of the most well regarded programs also assist in placing graduates in jobs after graduation. A degree from a prestigious program can allow greater career opportunities in the future.

Aspiring physiotherapists often choose postgraduate physiotherapy programs that provide them access to internships and clinical research. These opportunities can better prepare students for careers. Students who are writing dissertations can benefit from the firsthand observations offered in a clinical research setting. Opportunities such as these can also improve a resume or curriculum vitae.

Postgraduate educations can be costly. For this reason, individuals following this educational path tend to seek out programs that provide grants, scholarships, and fellowships that can fund part or all of a student's tuition. These funding opportunities normally have to be applied for and may only last for several years. Fellowships often require recipients to teach undergraduate courses. Individuals who do not have access to these opportunities may decide to take out students loans that often have minimal interest rates and which do not have to be repaid until after graduation.

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    • A physiotherapy session.
      A physiotherapy session.