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How do I Choose the Best Postgraduate Nutrition Program?

D. Nelson
D. Nelson

Nutrition is the study of the substances living beings need in order to be healthy and nourished. Individuals who enroll in postgraduate nutrition programs normally have backgrounds in medical sciences and are hoping to practice as professional nutritionists. In many places, professionals must have graduate degrees in order to legally practice as nutritionists. To choose the best postgraduate nutrition program, it can be helpful to first make sure that you find a school that you are qualified to enroll in. It can also be a good idea to consider factors such as opportunities for clinical research fellowships, program reputations, and locations of schools.

Most postgraduate nutrition program require that applicants have a number of credentials before they can be accepted. Requirements may include minimum grade point averages and completed courses or credits, especially in the medical sciences. Satisfactory scores on proficiency exams and letters of recommendation are also common prerequisites. Competitive programs may favor applicants who have engaged in the field of nutrition, such as through relevant volunteer work. The best program is most likely the one you are qualified for and which you most prefer.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Some programs may offer qualified students research fellowships. These are opportunities for students to perform university financed field research that may involve travel. The fellowship is normally relevant to their topics of study. A research fellowship can improve a nutritionist's curriculum vitae or resume and give him or her a better understanding of an academic focus.

Reputations vary among postgraduate nutrition programs. The degree of a program's reputation can depend on factors such as the prestige of faculty members, the selectivity of admissions boards, and the amount of funding that is available for students. Many professionals in the field believe that the most prestigious programs also produce the most well trained professionals since they may have access to cutting edge educations from top instructors and research opportunities that allow them to develop unique and valuable perspectives.

Location is an important factor for many aspiring nutritionists who are searching for the best program. In some instances, the best location for a program may be in or near a major health institution where internships and hands-on learning are available. Some students are concerned with the environment in which a program is located. For example, those who prefer active urban environments may not feel comfortable studying in remote, rural locations. If you are comfortable with the location of a program, you can be more likely to enjoy your postgraduate experience and find it easier to dedicate yourself to your work.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book