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How Do I Choose the Best Pocket Screwdriver?

Anna B. Smith
Anna B. Smith

To choose the best pocket screwdriver, consumers should purchase a tool with interchangeable bits that can be stored internally, and which also features an adequate amount of grip on the handle. Drivers that can be modified to hold different heads are more versatile than single use hand tools. A strong grip area on the handle is necessary to create the torque that can tighten and loosen screws from project areas. This type of tool can also be equipped with a magnetic tip for those attempting very fine repairs, like that which takes place inside jewelry.

A pocket screwdriver is designed to fit conveniently into any small storage space. It can be purchased in a variety of tip sizes and styles. Individuals who frequently perform different types of small maintenance using this type of tool may benefit from choosing a screwdriver with interchangeable bits. This device features a circular opening at the tip of the tool into which different bits may be fitted. This allows the screwdriver to function using a slotted, Phillips, or Torx® head to complete any type of repair.

Man with a drill
Man with a drill

Some designs that feature a pocket screwdriver with an interchangeable tip also provide an on board storage area. Additional bits are designed to be small enough to fit inside the driver's handle. They are also typically magnetic so that they can easily snap into place on the end of the driver. This eliminates the need for additional shaft space on the bit which is generally used to tighten the bit into the holder.

This type of tool often has a smaller handle and shorter shaft than a standard screwdriver. Consumers may wish to test the handle prior to purchase to ensure it contains sufficient grip for leverage. Smooth handles that are too small to grasp with the whole hand can prevent the user from achieving adequate torque while turning the driver. The pocket screwdriver should feature a wide handle that can be gripped easily, or provide a rubber grasping piece that provides friction for the hand.

Those who will be performing maintenance in tight spaces with small hardware may wish to purchase a pocket screwdriver with a magnetic tip. Small screws, like those found in jewelry, glasses, and watches, are often magnetized to improve their ease of use. When they come in contact with a magnetic screwdriver, the screw and driver mate and hold together. This prevents the screw from falling out of the project area where it can become easily lost. Users who may be working with computers should not use a magnetized screwdriver, as this can cause potential damage to some circuitry.

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    • Man with a drill
      Man with a drill