How Do I Choose the Best plus Size Kids' Clothes?

Sheri Cyprus

When choosing plus size kids' clothes, look for lines made specifically for children or teens. Picking smaller sizes in adult full figure or husky clothing may not fit kids properly and are likely to not be appropriate in terms of style. It's a much better idea to help kids feel great about themselves by letting them choose plus size pieces in fun styles that they'll enjoy wearing. If certain trendy clothes are unavailable in their size or don't flatter their figure type, purchasing classic, stylish jeans and tops and allowing kids to add their own touch with the latest accessories can be a great solution. Selecting cotton pieces with spandex added can be flattering as well as comfortable and practical for most plus size kids.

Women and juniors who wear plus size clothing may find a greater selection online or through catalogs.
Women and juniors who wear plus size clothing may find a greater selection online or through catalogs.

Buying quality over quantity is the best idea. Even if the clothing requires professional hemming or altering, proper fit is important when dressing plus size figures. A few flattering pairs of pants are much better to have than a large wardrobe of unflattering ones. Purchasing a week's worth of attractive plus size kids' clothes is usually enough as long as the pieces can be washed weekly. If care is taken to choose wardrobe pieces that can work together in different ways, the value of the clothing can be increased by creating many different outfits.

When it comes to buying plus size kids' clothes, it's best to choose quality over quantity.
When it comes to buying plus size kids' clothes, it's best to choose quality over quantity.

As a general guideline, the best fit for plus size children, as well as adults, is clothing that skims over the body rather than clings too tightly or hangs too loosely. It's a good idea to shop in-person with the child so he or she can try on different styles and colors of plus size kids' clothes to find the best choices for him or her. With younger plus size children, taking as much time shopping may not be possible, as toddlers and little children may not enjoy the activity, so the parents will have to consider the right styles and colors for their child's body type. Ordering kids' plus size clothing online may be a good solution, but checking first to make such the store has an adequate returns policy is important in case the items need to be returned.

If some regular fit clothes in larger sizes are needed to round out a wardrobe of plus size kids' clothes, stretchy pants and knee length, elastic waist shorts can be a workable option. Doing research to keep aware of new fashion lines for larger figured children can be a good idea since an increasing number of clothing manufacturers are adding items especially designed for plus size kids. These clothing lines may be described as "husky fit" for boys or "junior plus" for girls.

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@clintflint - There are places online where tailors will make clothes to order and I think that might be the best bet for anyone with an unusual size requirement of any kind. Even plus size kids clothing stores aren't going to have every size and I do think it's really important for kids to have clothes that fit them and their personalities.


@browncoat - I had some friends at high school with the opposite problem. It really is a shame that clothing stores don't offer more range in their sizes, because it seems like there are quite a few people who are too tall or too short or otherwise don't fit the average mold and providing for those people makes financial sense.

And decent plus size children's clothing just seems like it could do wonders for the self esteem.


One thing I've found essential is to look for jeans and other pants that have a lot of material at the bottom to let out. I'm tall as well as plus sized and I find that my jeans will almost always end up looking like they don't fit properly because they don't fall all the way to my shoes when I wear them.

Even tall sizes don't always fix this. And it was even worse when I was a kid, because I was taller than the average girl my age and we could never find kids clothes that fit me and looked OK.

I learned to just pick jeans that had a lot of material in the hems and then let them down.

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