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How Do I Choose the Best plus Size Fur Coat?

Alex Tree
Alex Tree

Choosing the best plus size fur coat involves a lot of personal preference. In addition, the most flattering fur coat depends on the shape of your body, and it may be necessary to try a few styles before finding something that works well. A crucial aspect of choosing the best fur coat is deciding between real and faux fur, the former being somewhat controversial in some regions of the world. If price is part of the deciding factor, try second-hand plus size fur coats.

It is best to choose a style of plus size fut coat that best suits you. There are literally dozens of styles, from knee-length coats to coats that are more like shawls and fall only mid-body. A full-length fur coat is unlikely to ever be a casual garment, nor is it light weight and easy to transport when not worn. On the other hand, something that falls at about your waist might be an outer garment that can be worn every day in winter.

Choosing between real fur and faux fur is important when buying a fur coat.
Choosing between real fur and faux fur is important when buying a fur coat.

Next, decide whether you want a real plus size fur coat or one made from faux fur. Some people are decidedly against real fur and may react negatively to even a stranger wearing a real fur coat. On the other hand, real fur coats are often seen as a luxury item and can look and feel very different from a fake fur coat. In addition, the price of real fur is usually many times that of fake fur. The final choice is up to you, so make sure to spend at least a few minutes comparing the differences between real and fake fur.

To get the most flattering fur coat, always try on the product before purchasing it. Stores that sell expensive fur coats usually have salespeople who help customers lift, try on, and adjust fur coats. These salespeople can normally recommend flattering styles and might even be willing to haggle on price, especially if the store is independent rather than part of a chain. It is difficult to judge the quality of a plus size fur coat when shopping online, so always try to look at the product in person before making a final decision.

Second-hand stores sometimes have real fur coats in a variety of sizes. Occasionally, these coats are out of style or need to be professionally cleaned. This is a great way to get a real plus size fur coat at less than half the cost of a new one.

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@pastanaga - I know the possums in New Zealand are considered a pest and people do use them in products like fur coats, plus size and otherwise. Unfortunately, when you trap an animal in the wild it's difficult to do it humanely every time, and it's also difficult to get decent hides that can be used in clothing as the fur can so easily be damaged by every day activities of the animal.

Personally, I think what they should do is use rabbit fur. Rabbit fur has been used as clothing for years, but it usually gets tossed away by people who slaughter rabbits now, which is a shame.

Rabbits are one of the most environmentally sustainable animals you can farm and they are a perfect protein source for people in developing countries. If you add the fur on top of that, you could have a real industry.


Hi all -- so I'm a larger guy, and I've always wanted to get a fur coat, but I'm afraid that I'll end up looking like a bear or a giant furball.

Does anybody have any tips? I know that they make fur coats in lots of sizes, but I'm just unsure what to look for in terms of color, cut, etc.


The problem with wearing even faux fur is that people often can't tell that it is faux. So, you'll have activists still dumping paint and shame on your head for wearing fur, even though you really aren't.

And, perhaps more importantly, you'll have people who think you are wearing real fur and it looks good, and they will want to wear it themselves. So, you are basically advertising real fur and contributing to the problem.

Fur farming is absolutely horrible and done in terrible conditions. People think it is only an issue because the animals in question are cute, but often they are shocked when they find out what the real conditions are like. These animals aren't trapped in the wild anymore, they are raised in very small cages, not able to move in case they ruin their fur.

I would encourage anyone who is looking at wearing any kind of fur to look up the realities of the fur trade.

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    • Choosing between real fur and faux fur is important when buying a fur coat.
      By: zakaz
      Choosing between real fur and faux fur is important when buying a fur coat.