How Do I Choose the Best Plastic Comb?

Bryce Clinton

When trying to choose the best plastic comb, it's important to address several key concerns that will determine how effective the comb will be for your styling needs. First, you should assess what you're going to use the comb for. Different types of combs have different sizes and teeth spacing that are ideal for specific purposes. Next you should look at your hair type and think about how you style it. Finally, you should consider materials and price.

Longer hair is more easily combed using a wide toothed comb.
Longer hair is more easily combed using a wide toothed comb.

The two main uses for a plastic comb are holding your hair back and grooming and styling your hair. Plastic side combs for holding back bangs and loose hair have a special shape to allow for a firm grip on your hair. They are designed to lock down hair so it doesn't move, and they're usually much smaller than a comb used for styling.

A plastic comb for grooming and styling can be long or short. The more hair you have, the more comb you need. Long hair is easier to comb with a wide comb that has a handle. The teeth should also be widely spaced enough to help with tangles. Curly or thick hair will likewise be easier to comb with a more open-toothed pattern.

Shorter combs are more easily portable and work better on shorter, finer, straighter hair. Hair styling such as curling or shaping may also be easier with a shorter, medium-to-fine comb; however, when blow drying, a longer comb with wide teeth can be much more effective and help prevent damage. For these reasons, it might be necessary to have more than one plastic comb. Having different combs for untangling hairs and for styling might be necessary for some people.

If you are cutting hair, you might want a special long comb that has both fine and wide teeth. This gives you more control for when the hair is wet and dry at different stages of cutting. Long combs also have plenty of surface area along which to cut. Additionally, one can find special plastic combs for both highlighting and teasing hair. It's easy to damage hair with such combs, so talk to a stylist for advice on buying and using special combs for more advanced styling purposes.

The best plastic comb will be durable but also inexpensive. Hard rubber or thermoplastic are good choices that will last long and resist styling chemicals. Good plastic combs are light, fairly rigid, smoothly surfaced, shatter proof, and resistant to heat. Such combs will be a little more expensive, but worth the price if quality is part of your objective. If you are simply looking for a cheap plastic comb, your main consideration might be seeking out the most suitable shape.

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