How Do I Choose the Best Plants Field Guide?

Misty Amber Brighton

A plants field guide can help you distinguish one species of plant from another. When you are looking for one of these nature books, be sure it is written for your geographic area. That way, you can be sure it has pictures of plants native to that region. Different plant reference books may also focus on various types of greenery as well.

Park rangers can provide insight into field guides for particular places.
Park rangers can provide insight into field guides for particular places.

Checking with a local forestry service is one way to select a plants field guide. This is because employees of this agency may use a reference book for plants as a part of their daily activities. While you are talking to park rangers, ask about the advantages and disadvantages of various guide books. Doing so can help you know more about the various types that are available.

You could also check with a public library in your area to see if they carry a plants field guide. If you cannot find one there, a librarian may be able to request one of these books for you from another nearby library. Try to find a smaller pocket-sized version to borrow for a few days. That way, you can carry the book with you when you are walking outdoors and be able to refer to it when needed. If the volume is difficult to use, you will not have wasted money buying a field guide you are unhappy with.

A plants field guide can be used to identify a number of different types of plants. Some reference books may help you identify trees and shrubs, while others list only grasses or flowers. If you know what types of foliage you may want to study, this can be helpful when you make a selection. You may also be able to find a nature book that lists several types of plants, but it could be extremely thick and cumbersome to carry with you.

It can be a good idea to look through the plants field guide carefully before you make a purchase. Pay special attention to the photographs in the guide book. A volume can be more useful if it contains full-color, glossy photographs of the plants you are trying to identify. It could also be helpful for the book to contain both the Latin and common name of the plant as well as a few other details about it to help you make a positive identification.

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