How Do I Choose the Best Picker Packer Jobs?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

Picker packer jobs are usually offered by warehouses and manufacturing companies, as well as by any other companies that regularly ship orders to customers. If you want to work as a picker packer, you will need to do some research into the various companies in your area that offer such positions. Picker packer jobs usually do not require you to have any specific level of education, though you will have an advantage if you complete a high school education or equivalent qualification. You will need basic math and communications skills as well, and you may need to be over a certain age, depending on the region in which you work.

Try to find a company that interests you and that will allow you to advance your career or job over time. Picker packer jobs are usually entry-level positions in which you will fulfill orders by finding the items in a warehouse and packing them safely in a shipping vessel. It is not exceptionally complicated work, though it will take some organizational skills. After time, you may want to try to get a promotion to a management position, so be sure to choose a company that will offer training or at least promotion opportunities over time.

If transportation to and from work is an issue, try to find picker packer jobs that are reasonably close to where you live, or close enough to where you live that you can travel there easily. You may end up working night shifts to start, so consider that in terms of public transportation if this is pertinent to your living situation. Be ready to work long hours or multiple shifts, and also be ready for a changing schedule each week. If possible, try to find picker packer jobs that will offer you a regular schedule; this is especially important if you plan on working more than one job.

Sometimes an employer will offer picker packer jobs with benefits. This means you may be offered health insurance, retirement savings, or other perks to working for that company. Find out what benefits, if any, are offered for each position and try to find the job that will suit your needs most appropriately. In the United States, for example, health insurance is often offered by employers, saving you an out-of-pocket cost for medical care should it be necessary. Retirement savings help you put away money for your retirement, and in some cases the employer will match the dollar amount that you contribute toward your retirement savings account.

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