How Do I Choose the Best Petite Jeans?

Maggie Worth

Choosing the best petite jeans is a matter of finding the most flattering style at a price and quality point acceptable to you. You should be prepared to try on several pairs across a number of brands to ensure that you are getting the right fit. You may also have to choose between several right-fit options based on what you plan to wear with the jeans and where you plan to wear them.

Slender model in petite jeans.
Slender model in petite jeans.

A primary consideration when choosing petite jeans is the cut. Skinny, straight-leg, boot-cut, and trouser are some of the most common leg cuts. In the waist, jeans may be high-rise, mid-rise, or low-rise. These leg and waist styles combine to create a vast array of options. Many fashion experts contend that straight-leg jeans extend the leg line, making a petite woman appear taller.

A woman wearing petite jeans.
A woman wearing petite jeans.

Each style flatters a different figure type and pairs well with different top and accessory options. Factors such as your weight in proportion to your height and your overall build will help determine which jeans are right for you. Try several style combinations to find your favorites. Bring along an honest friend or ask a store clerk for assistance if you need a second opinion.

Petite jeans are not only shorter in the leg, but shorter overall. In some cases, you may find that an average length jean fits you best in the waist and hip, but is simply too long in the leg. If this happens, remember that you can have the jeans hemmed at a local tailor and that such work is usually relatively inexpensive. Before going this route, however, you’ll want to ensure that the crotch length is right for you.

Shoes also are a major consideration when choosing petite jeans. Some women need petite jeans when they intend to wear flats, but find that petite lengths are too short to wear with heels. You may find that you need more than one pair, hemmed to different lengths.

Another factor in choosing jeans is the wash. Petite jeans are available in a variety of washes. Dark washes may be best for dress-down day at the office or a nighttime date and may also be visually slimming. Lighter washes appear more casual and are often easier to care for.

As you evaluate your options, remember to consider both the initial cost of the garment and the cost and labor needed to care for the jeans. High-end jeans may require professional cleaning or special detergents to hold their shape, particularly at the hemline. Less expensive jeans, however, may or may not last as long.

One of the most important things to consider when shopping for petite jeans is the cut.
One of the most important things to consider when shopping for petite jeans is the cut.

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