How Do I Choose the Best Perm for Curly Hair?

Kristeen Moore

There is a misconception that having curly hair means that it is easier to use treatments, such as perms. The fact remains that you will need a specific type of perm for curly hair, or else your locks will end up turning too curly or frizzy. There are different types of perms for curly strands that can either soften waves or make preexisting curls even more dramatic, which can be accomplished at a salon or from the comfort of home. If you have straight to wavy locks, it is generally easier to obtain a perm for curly hair.

Most hair salons will offer perm services.
Most hair salons will offer perm services.

Perms come in various versions, depending on the desired outcome. Some curly-haired individuals desire less wave and volume, while others want extra definition. A perm itself consists of chemicals that are sold in beauty supply stores to both stylists and experienced consumers. If this is your first perm, you might consider going to a professional in order to prevent an undesirable outcome.

You need a specific type of perm for curly hair.
You need a specific type of perm for curly hair.

Not only is the strength of the chemicals important in determining the outcome of your perm, but you will also need other tools as well to achieve your desired look. Varying sized rods are used to either emphasize or add curl to the hair shaft, while relaxing tools help to straighten out waves. Such tools work with the particular perm used so that you will get longer lasting results.

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There are also certain times of the year in which a perm for curly hair might especially be beneficial to your overall look. During the dry winter months, your hair has the potential to frizz and look lifeless. A standard spot perm can help to liven up portions of your hair that fall prey to weather changes. On the flip side, you might decide to use a relaxing version during the humid summer months when excess moisture in the air can make your hair even curlier.

Straight and wavy hair types are ideal candidates for a perm for curly hair, because they are easier to execute. If you are simply looking for more bounce in your locks, you might consider a volumizing perm that does not have as much emphasis on tight curls. Extremely flat hair can benefit from a root perm, which adds volume right at the scalp. Keep in mind that less curly hair does not mean that you have to use multiple perms and curling products to achieve the desired results.

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