How do I Choose the Best Part Time Management Jobs?

Harriette Halepis

The mere concept of part time management jobs is somewhat difficult to understand. Managers hardly every work on a part time basis, though this is not true in every instance. The first thing to do when considering part time management jobs is to look at your own schedule. There are many different meanings to the words part time.

Some consultants work part time to help people better prioritize their time and energies.
Some consultants work part time to help people better prioritize their time and energies.

Some people categorize any part time job as a job that does not span more than 20 hours of work per week. Others determine a part time job as any job that allows for a flexible schedule -- no matter how many hours per week are included. Ask yourself whether you want to work for a set number of hours each week, or whether you simply want a job that will work around your present schedule.

Next, determine what kind of management skills you currently possess. The term management is a broad term that encompasses many different disciplines. If you have been trained in project management, then looking for this type of part time job is your best option. The same is true for a building manager, sports manager, or retail manager.

Most employers will not consider anyone who does not have management experience for a management position. If you already know the type of management work that you want to look for, then your search should be a bit easier. Still, each part time management job has benefits and drawbacks that you may want to think about before submitting an application.

Retail management jobs are often plentiful, though you will need to have some type of management background in order to secure this type of position. The main drawback of a retail management job is that you may be on-call on a regular basis. When employees do not show up for work, or when another manager is sick, a part time retail manager may be called as a possible replacement.

Building managers hardly every work on a part time basis, though some full time managers may need assistance. When a full time manager is seeking work assistance, part time management jobs will often surface. Again, the main problem with this type of part time job is the fact that most building managers are consistently on-call.

No matter what kind of part time management jobs you decided to apply for, make sure that you speak with all potential employers. Notifying an employer of your schedule beforehand is the best way to ensure that your part time job will remain part time. Part time management jobs can be a godsend when you are looking for extra work -- just make sure to choose the right one.

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