How Do I Choose the Best Parrot Books?

K. K. Lowen

When choosing parrot books, there are a number of things to consider, such as its purpose, price and content. Determining the purpose of a book about parrots will help ensure that you get a book that will provide the type of information you need. The cost of a parrot book also can play a role in the decision making process because the prices may vary widely, depending on content, length, size, condition and other factors.

Some parrot books will focus on basic care, while others will teach you taming and training techniques.
Some parrot books will focus on basic care, while others will teach you taming and training techniques.

Figuring out the principle reason for purchasing parrot books can be quite significant. Some people may want to get a parrot book so they can learn about caring for pet birds, while other people may just want to learn about parrots in general, to read information about them or to view photographs and illustrations of parrots. If you are buying books about parrots as a gift for someone besides yourself, try to find out what would most interest the recipient.

Many parrot books concentrate on how to care for a bird kept as a pet. One type of book may focus on basic care techniques and discuss topics such as feeding and habitat requirements. Other books may contain information about the taming and training of parrots. You also may want to check the author information because veterinarians and other professionals who work closely with parrots may provide the best information.

Some people may be interested in parrot guides with pictures of each type. When selecting a parrot guide, the size of the book may be an important factor, and it may be a good choice to choose a pocket size for quick reference. Large books, sometimes referred to as coffee table books, are also available and feature many photographs of tropical birds with information accompanying the images. A large book may cost more than a small guide, and in-depth texts may be more expensive as well.

When buying parrot books for children, there are some special considerations. The age of the child and reading level is important because it may affect how well the child absorbs the information. For young children, it may be appropriate to obtain books that focus on pictures and basic facts. Older kids may enjoy books that contain both images of parrots and a larger amount of information.

You may be able to purchase parrot books from many sources. Some people choose to shop for books about parrots at a local pet store if the information needed concerns how to care for a bird. Local bookstores may be a good option if you want to see what types of books are available on the subject. Additionally, online vendors may be helpful if you want to purchase a particular title or an out-of-print parrot book.

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