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How do I Choose the Best Parkour Classes?

Nick Mann
Nick Mann

In order for a beginner to quickly learn and efficiently improve at parkour, taking classes is often beneficial. Fully understanding safety techniques and how to avoid injuries are aspects that parkour classes can teach. As the sport evolves, there are more and more instructors popping up around the world. When choosing a class, it's important to consider the instructor's experience, training regimen and cost.

Perhaps the most important factor to investigate when searching for parkour classes is the experience of the instructor. Since it takes significant time to master the sport, beginners should only study under the tutelage of an instructor with at least three to four years of parkour experience. Knowledgeable teachers will be able to show students the correct techniques that will minimize the impact to the knees and ankles while performing tricks. They will also be able demonstrate other key safety methods that can prevent serious injury.

Man lifting weights
Man lifting weights

It's often a good idea to conduct a brief investigation of the instructor's credentials before signing up for parkour classes. A quality coach should have a resume of his background, as well as some positive reviews from current and previous students. Doing a quick online search will often produce some information on prospective teachers.

The next thing to consider when choosing parkour classes is the training regimen involved. Since the sport requires one's body to be in peak physical shape, it's important to select an instructor who offers effective exercise programs. Any legitimate teacher will have knowledge of effective workout routines that will prepare an athlete's body for the stresses of parkour. Some teachers may also be able to recommend special diets or other techniques to enhance the athlete's performance and decrease muscle recovery time.

A solid training program should also take into account that it takes time to physically develop for parkour. Success in this sport often requires a gradual progression. This is why it's usually best to study under someone who understands this and has a steady regimen planned out over the course of at least a few months. Trying to advance too quickly can be unsafe.

Cost is another factor to keep in mind when choosing parkour classes. The price will vary from country to country, and may also depend on the instructor's experience. Typically, a good way to figure out a reasonable price is to search online for three or four different programs. This should help beginners to get a better idea of what the average cost is and what varying classes offer.

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There is a lot of great free parkour instruction available online. You can find parkour lessons that take you through all of the latest parkour moves step by step.

I know that it helps to learn from a real person and to see them with your own eyes, but the simple fact is that parkour is still a pretty obscure activity and in most places there are not many people who could honestly qualify as instructors. Learn from the best and study online


I didn't even know that parkour training classes existed. I have seen tons of parkour videos online and have tried it a little myself but who would have thought that there were actual instructors.

I almost can't imagine how it would work. Do they hold the classes in a dance studio or do you actually go out on the streets and do free running?

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    • Man lifting weights
      Man lifting weights