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How Do I Choose the Best Pappardelle Pasta?

N. Swensson
N. Swensson

The best type of pappardelle pasta can vary depending on a cook’s personal taste, budget, and the amount of time he or she is willing to spend. Those who place a priority on freshness and are willing to spend a bit of extra time may prefer to make their own pappardelle pasta, which is easier than making some other types of pasta because no specialized machines or tools are needed. Those who are unwilling or unable to make their own pasta may choose to purchase a fresh product, which may be available in the refrigerator section of some grocery stores but can also be found in Italian markets or other specialty food stores. Those who are on a budget or can’t find fresh pasta can purchase dried and boxed pappardelle pastas, the best of which are imported from Italy. There are a number of other options to consider when choosing pasta, such as whether to buy organic and whether to choose whole wheat or flavored varieties.

Pappardelle is a wide, flat egg noodle that is best paired with hearty and thick sauces, but it can also be added to soups or served with a simple dressing of butter or olive oil and herbs. It can be made at home more easily than some other noodles because a pasta machine is not necessary. The rolled dough can simply be cut into thin strips with a sharp knife and then unrolled to make individual noodles. Cooks who choose to make their own pasta will find that using the freshest and highest quality ingredients possible will yield the best flavor and texture in the finished product. Making homemade pappardelle pasta can also be a budget-friendly option, because the primary ingredients are flour, eggs, water, and small amounts of olive oil and salt.

As with many pastas, durum wheat can be used to make pappardelle pasta.
As with many pastas, durum wheat can be used to make pappardelle pasta.

Freshly prepared pappardelle pasta can also be purchased from specialty markets or regular grocery stores, but will need to be refrigerated until use. Fresh noodles also have a shorter shelf life than dried pasta and should usually be used within a few days of purchase. Those on a budget may not find it practical to buy fresh pasta, however, as it can sometimes be expensive.

There are a number of good-quality dried pappardelle pastas. Brands that are imported from Italy can sometimes be more expensive but are usually made from good-quality ingredients, including semolina flour, which most greatly affects pasta quality. Fresh or dried pappardelle may also come in organic, whole wheat, or flavors such as spinach and tomato. Whether to choose these options is a matter of taste and personal preference.

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    • As with many pastas, durum wheat can be used to make pappardelle pasta.
      By: womue
      As with many pastas, durum wheat can be used to make pappardelle pasta.