How Do I Choose the Best Painted Wine Glasses?

B. Miller

Painted wine glasses, or stemware, can add a really nice visual appeal to your collection. Many are hand-painted and available in bright, colorful patterns; others may be designed to match the theme of your kitchen, such as apples or grapes. When you are choosing painted wine glasses, consider the type of wine you want to drink in them. Larger, rounder wine glasses work best for the full flavors of red wine, for instance, while shorter, narrower wine glasses are often preferred for white. In addition, consider the rim of the glass; a rolled rim is found on less expensive wine glasses, whereas a flat edge is found on the more higher quality glasses.

Many wine connoisseurs believe painting a wine glasses distracts from the color and overall appearance of the wine.
Many wine connoisseurs believe painting a wine glasses distracts from the color and overall appearance of the wine.

Another consideration when choosing painted wine glasses is the type of paint used, because you want to make sure the glasses will hold up with use and will not chip. Typically, acrylic enamel paints are the most common, though other types of paints can have a glass medium added that makes them usable on those surfaces. Keep in mind that any type of painted wine glasses will typically not be able to go in the dishwasher, no matter the paint used; they will all need to be gently hand-washed.

The glass for wine glasses of higher quality should also be thin. As mentioned above, a flat, non-rolled edge or lip at the top of the glass can also indicate wine glasses of higher quality. Keep in mind that true wine connoisseurs do not think that wine glasses should be painted or colored at all, because it detracts from the colors and appearance of the wine in the glass. However, for those who simply want to enjoy a glass of wine in an attractive glass, this is not really something that needs to be worried about.

Painted wine glasses in a medium size of about eight to ten ounces are the most versatile, and can be used for red or white wines. However, if you want to get the full experience, serving the type of wine it its correspondingly sized glass can help to make that happen. If you are giving painted wine glasses as a gift, generally choosing a medium-sized glass is the best bet. They can make an excellent wedding or anniversary gift, for example, and aren't just nice to use when drinking wine, but can also look great when displayed in a glass cabinet or hutch.

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