How Do I Choose the Best Organic Peanuts?

Erin J. Hill

There are multiple factors you should consider when choosing organic peanuts, including the price, brand, and whether they are cooked or sold fresh in the whole shells. If choosing cooked peanuts, you may also have a wide range of flavors and types to choose from, since they can be prepared in different ways. There are also different types of peanuts to choose from, with varying flavors.

Organic peanuts have been grown without any assistance from pesticides or other chemicals.
Organic peanuts have been grown without any assistance from pesticides or other chemicals.

Organic peanuts are those grown without the use of pesticides and other chemicals. Many people choose to go with organic products because many of these chemicals have not been proven for long-term safety. Others have known risks, although most health organizations claim that the trace amounts found in most food is not enough to cause harm.

One issue consumers face when buying organic peanuts is price. Organic foods tend to cost more than conventionally grown ones, so those on a budget may find it harder to splurge on these items. There are stores specializing in lower-priced organic goods, however, although they may still be more expensive than your favorite store brand peanuts. The best way to ensure a good deal is to shop around, check online stores, and request coupons if there is a particular brand you want to buy. Buying in bulk can also save money.

You might also have a favorite brand, so this is a good place to start when looking for organic peanuts. Some national brands are jumping on the organic foods bandwagon, so these items are becoming more widely available in mainstream supermarkets. If your favorite brands don't carry organic peanuts, you will have to sample various available brands to find one you enjoy.

There is also the issue of choosing between cooked peanuts and raw ones. While raw peanuts allow you to cook or prepare them however you want, it is often recommended that you roast or boil them before eating. That's because peanuts can harbor mold or bacteria, both of which can cause illness. Cooking will kill these harmful pathogens.

Flavoring is another factor to consider. If you're going for pre-cooked peanuts, you can choose salted, honey roasted, Cajun, and a wide variety of other flavors. Just be sure to check labels carefully, since even organic food can be unhealthy if it contains too much fat, salt, or sugar.

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