How Do I Choose the Best Organic Hand Cream?

Solomon Branch

In choosing the best organic hand cream, you need to determine why you want the cream and what purpose it should serve. Things to consider include whether you want it to be more like a lotion to seal in moisture, of if you want the cream to actually moisturize, as well as how much of a greasy feeling you are willing to tolerate. If you want to find a cream that heals callouses or dry skin, you might need to choose a different type of cream. Finding the best organic hand cream also requires that you ensure all the ingredients are truly organic.

It may be helpful to test organic hand creams before purchasing them.
It may be helpful to test organic hand creams before purchasing them.

The best way to choose any type of organic hand cream is by testing it first. Many stores have smaller samples you can purchases, or have tester samples. Health food stores, specialty cosmetic stores and craft fairs are places that you will most likely find an organic hand cream to test. Some online stores or larger companies will send you samples if you request them, either in writing or through their website.

When testing an organic hand cream, take time to see how it feels on your hands. Some natural or organic creams use many oils, which can feel quite greasy as well as make it hard to use your hands. Another thing to consider is whether it will wash off easily or not. Some organic hand creams take time to absorb, so having it wash off too easily is not desirable. A well-balanced organic hand cream will moisturize, absorb easily into your skin, and smell pleasant.

Checking for organic ingredients can be tricky, depending on where you purchase the cream. For example, the United States does not certify any type of cosmetic as organic, although manufacturers must meet certain standards if they claim the cream has organic ingredients. This can make it hard to discern if a cream is purely organic, however. Always check the label and ask the manufacturer if you have any questions about an ingredient.

Shopping in a store that sells only organic products is one possible way to ensure the hand cream is truly organic, although there is the chance that they will not sell hand creams as a product. Some organic or health food stores might also offer the option to put together your own cream. It can cost more, but you can be certain that the ingredients are truly organic.

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