How do I Choose the Best Organic Garden Seeds?

Patti Kate

To choose the best organic garden seeds, be sure to buy from a trusted company that has high standards and satisfied customers. If the company has a website, read any information regarding the history of the company. Buy your organic garden seeds fresh and never outdated. Seed packaging should include information about exactly when the seeds were harvested.

Gardening tools.
Gardening tools.

To ensure your organic garden seeds are pure, purchase them from a company that labels its product as certified. This means that no harmful or toxic substances were used to harvest the seeds. The company must adhere to specific regulations if it claims products are organic. Get the facts before you assume your seeds are completely organic.

In the U.S., organic seeds cannot be genetically modified.
In the U.S., organic seeds cannot be genetically modified.

An organic certification requires more than using an organic fertilizer. You'll want to inquire what type of gardening tools are used in the harvesting process. The tools should be organic as well. Also inquire about the compost the company uses.

To choose the best seeds for your organic garden, organize a list of what you want to grow. Fruits, vegetables, or garden herbs should be prioritized with a highlighting pen. This will make it easier when you shop for your organic garden seeds, whether online or at your local supplier.

As a general rule, reject seeds that appear to be damaged in any way. This means checking for signs of decay or any foul odor. Also, never buy seeds that appear to have been smashed or crumbled. If the company stores its seed in an especially hot and humid location, you should reject these as well.

When you go to your local greenhouse, nursery, or seed supply center, ask questions. Try to learn if your seeds will have a long production time. Some seeds will produce results faster than others. If you are impatient in growing your organic garden, choose seeds that take the least amount of time to grow.

Do some research on the basics of organics. Books may be found at your library that offer organic gardening tips, and this may be a good starting point. You may also find television programs that feature organic gardening tips as well. If looking through your local phone directory proves unsuccessful in locating suppliers in your area, your computer may be a valuable resource. A simple Internet search can lead you in the right direction and may offer you a good variety as well.

Certified organic garden seeds improve the odds of a successful harvest.
Certified organic garden seeds improve the odds of a successful harvest.

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