How Do I Choose the Best Online Wine Classes?

Nicole Madison
Nicole Madison

Choosing the best online wine classes usually involves considering what you hope to get out of the experience and then selecting a course that seems likely to meet your needs. You can compare classes based on the level of experience you already have as well as on the reputation of the person who created or is teaching the course. In addition, you may wish or need to taste the wines discussed in class. As such, your decision-making process may also depend on how easily you will be able to obtain them.

Toasting with white wine.
Toasting with white wine.

You can get the most out of an online wine class by making sure the course content meets your interest or needs. Some classes may be intended for teaching students how to select the best wine to go with a meal while others teach students about various types of wines in general. You might also find online wine classes that teach you about wine making, foreign wines, or the history of different types of wine. Some classes are even intended for individuals who will serve or sell wine.

You may also choose online wine classes based on your current level of knowledge. For example, a beginner's course may prove appropriate if you know little about wine and want an introductory course that provides a broad overview of related topics. An intermediate course, on the other hand, may prove better if you already understand wine basics and want to increase your knowledge and perhaps focus on a specific wine-related subject. If you know a good deal about wine and want to fine-tune your knowledge or find ways to increase your enjoyment of it, an advanced course will be more appropriate.

Since the people who teach online wine classes can have varying levels of skill, you might feel more confident in what you learn from a class that is taught by a wine expert. You may do well to avoid choosing a class based solely on an advertisement that says the instructor is an expert, however. Instead, you can benefit from doing your own research and determining whether you think the instructor's experience and expertise is adequate.

Sometimes traditional wine classes include a wine-tasting component that allows you to view, smell and even taste the wines about which you learn. This can prove a problem when you choose to take this sort of course online. If you are of legal age to purchase and consume alcoholic beverages, however, you may do well to obtain the list of wines about which you will learn during the class. Than, you can purchase any you will need to taste or smell in advance. If you find that it will prove difficult to obtain those particular wines, however, you might consider choosing a different class instead.

Nicole Madison
Nicole Madison

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