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How Do I Choose the Best Online Speech Classes?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

Finding online speech classes can be exceptionally difficult, as not many are offered because the foundations of speaking must be taught in such a way that the participant will have an opportunity to communicate directly with others. Some speech classes focus exclusively on public speaking, which means a large group is necessary. If you are looking for online speech classes for disabled adults or children, you will have an even tougher time finding offerings, as this complex topic usually must be taught in person both to be effective and for assessment.

If you are a college student studying communications, you are more likely to find online speech classes. A good way to find the best courses for you is to talk to your academic advisor, who will be able to make recommendations for online speech classes that will fulfill your credit requirements. Otherwise, you can look at course descriptions yourself to find ones that you are qualified to take. Remember that many speech classes will have prerequisite requirements, so be sure to take those prerequisite courses before enrolling.

A boy giving a speech.
A boy giving a speech.

Taking classes from another educational institution than the one you normally attend will take a bit more research. You will need to find an accredited institution, especially if you intend to apply any credits earned to a degree program at another school. Make sure the credits will transfer to your school before you enroll and take the course. You can find out by contacting your academic advisor or department administrators.

Some students choose to take online speech classes not for college credit, but instead for personal improvement. In this case, you may not end up earning college credit at all, though it is still a good idea to look for an accredited institution to ensure you will receive a high quality education for the money you will pay. Make sure you research the instructor of the course to find out if he or she is qualified to teach this subject. Find out, too, how the course will be held; online speech classes will not allow you to speak in front of a group, but you still may be able to work on speaking by taking part in video conferencing or video chat. You may need to have specific pieces of computer equipment to complete assignments, such as speakers, microphones, a video camera, and certain types of software, so be sure to research the technical requirements for the course as well.

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    • A boy giving a speech.
      By: auleena
      A boy giving a speech.