How Do I Choose the Best Online Calligraphy Courses?

G. Wiesen

As you look at different online calligraphy courses, consider the type of font you want to be able to create, and look for groups or associations you might want to join. There are many different types and styles of calligraphy that you can choose from, so look for a particular font that appeals to your sense of style. Various methods can be used to create this writing, including pen and brush styles, so keep this in mind as you compare your options. Some online calligraphy courses may be offered by a particular guild or association, which can provide you with additional benefits beyond your education.

A traditional quill may be used in calligraphy.
A traditional quill may be used in calligraphy.

Online calligraphy courses are offered by numerous sources, including professional groups and individuals with a background in creating this type of writing. One of the first things to look for when considering an online class is the type of calligraphy that you want to create. There are numerous fonts that have been made for many years, and choosing a style that you like is an important decision. This also gives you something to use in distinguishing between multiple online calligraphy courses that you find appealing, as you can choose the one that offers a style you prefer.

Calligraphy can be made with several different tools, such as ink and a brush.
Calligraphy can be made with several different tools, such as ink and a brush.

You might also consider various languages that online calligraphy courses can be offered in, allowing you to create beautiful writing in the language of your choice. Different methods can also be used to create calligraphy, which can impact the type of class you might want to choose. Pens, for example, are frequently used with a special tip or "nib" that allows the writer to create different lines with various strokes of the pen. Some online calligraphy courses can instead teach you to use a brush, rather than a pen; this is common for languages like Japanese.

As you consider different online calligraphy courses, look at any organization that might be affiliated with the class you want to take. There are some professional associations and guilds that you can join as part of taking such a course, which provides you with additional contacts and people with whom you can meet and share what you have learned. These types of groups may also offer better classes than an individual who provides you with lessons through email, though this is not guaranteed. Look for reviews or testimonials from people regarding the online calligraphy courses that offered the best lessons and values, though it is important to make sure that these are legitimate and unbiased opinions.

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