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How do I Choose the Best Obstetrics Journal?

Erin J. Hill
Erin J. Hill

There are several factors you should consider in order to choose the best obstetrics journal. You should be sure first and foremost that you choose one that is written and published under the authority of a well-known medical institution. Many journals are published by university medical centers and other research establishments. Also, be sure that the journal is relevant to the topics you are interested in or that are most closely related to your situation.

You may start looking for an obstetrics journal by researching schools and medical centers you have heard of. Many of these places publish journals and other documents regularly, so this is a good place to start your search. If there are no journals being published by institutions you already know about, do a search to find ones that you may not have heard of. You can narrow your search by typing “obstetrics journals” or “school of obstetrics.” You may be able to find which institutions have published an obstetrics journal in your area of interest by writing and asking an advisor, doctor, or dean.


Once you have taken these steps, you should narrow your search further by requesting information on the journals which seem most interesting to you. You will want to choose one that is the most closely related to your individual interests or concerns. For instance, if you want information on high-risk pregnancies or medical interventions, a journal about natural childbirth may not be the best fit.

This should help you narrow down your search even further. At this point you may choose to read or skim through the journals that you are still considering. If you don’t want to take this step, ask if you have additional information regarding topics and areas of concern expressed in the journal. Should more than one of them still seem like a good fit, you should consider reading both to gain as much valuable information as possible.

Since many institutions that may publish an obstetrics journal also publish other medical journals, you may wish to receive information regularly regarding the facility’s latest research and upcoming publications. You should also consider reading past publications to learn as much about your topic of study as you can. Find out as much as possible on the author of studies listed in the journal, as well as which doctors and scientists were responsible for any research conducted. This will allow you to find information about these people and their past or future projects.

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