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How Do I Choose the Best Oak Dresser?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

Oak is commonly used for furniture making because it is an especially hard wood that is resistant to damage from moisture and bug infestations. It is a naturally beautiful wood with an attractive grain, and the color of the oak can change over time or with different staining. Choosing an oak dresser starts with learning as much as possible about oak, especially how to recognize it and determine the quality of the oak overall. You will need to take accurate measurements of the space in which the oak dresser will be placed to help to determine how large or small of a unit you will need.

The particular shape and size of the oak dresser you choose is largely a matter of preference, though some rooms will be small enough that some units will be too large to be used effectively. Measuring the space will help dictate the size of dresser purchased, and you should remember that the drawers of a dresser will extend outward, further cutting down on the available space for the unit. Choose an oak dresser that will suit the space limitations as well as your needs for storage space.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Draw up a budget before purchasing an oak dresser. Larger dressers tend to be more expensive than smaller ones, and antique oak dresser units will be more expensive in many cases than modern units, so decide how much you want to spend on the unit before heading out shopping. If you are looking for an antique oak dresser, be sure to do some research to be able to recognize dressers from different time periods, and research the common costs of such units to ensure you get a fair purchase price. Deal with reputable antiques dealers whenever possible and look for a dresser that is in usable condition, or one that can be restored to such a condition. Remember that restoration costs can raise the overall cost of the unit, so be sure to plan for this in your budget.

It may be wise to purchase the oak dresser as part of a furniture set. This will ensure a consistent aesthetic in the bedroom or other room in which the furniture will be placed. Purchasing in a set also cuts down the price of the individual units, so if you are considering buying more than one unit, think about buying a set to save money and get the consistent aesthetic that will enhance the decor of the bedroom.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book