How do I Choose the Best Notebook Surge Protector?

Kasey James

The best notebook surge protector is one that is compatible with your notebook computer and travels easily. Since notebook computers are made to carry around, you may want your notebook surge protector to be compact so that it can be easily packed. The surge protector you choose should also be one that is an affordable price and comes with a warranty.

A notebook.
A notebook.

When you're looking for the best notebook surge protector, be sure to find one that works with the plugs on your notebook. Some electrical notebook cords have two or three prongs, so look for a protector that will fit your cord. Some surge protectors are adaptable to either two or three prongs. This kind of protector may be best so that it can be used with any notebook you buy in the future.

Lightning is one potential cause of power surges.
Lightning is one potential cause of power surges.

Many notebook surge protectors come with phone or Ethernet cords in the case that you have to plug into an Internet connection. This may be good, especially for those who travel. These cords can be long, but are often retractable so they are easy to pack.

Another feature you may want in a notebook surge protector is for it to be convertible for other international electrical outlets. This is a good feature for businessmen and women who travel abroad. If the notebook surge protector you choose does not have this feature, you may have to purchase an electrical converter.

Any notebook surge protector you choose should be lightweight and very compact. You will want to fit it into you notebook bag easily and not have your bag weighed down. There are many surge protectors that are petite and weigh less than 4 ounces (113 grams).

A notebook surge protector cannot guarantee 100% protection. Some electrical surges can be so strong that they damage the protector itself. You may want to consider a surge protector that has an indicator light that tells you it is working. In a bad storm, if the indicator light is blinking or turned off, then you know the protector is not working and you will want to unplug it.

Depending on the features you want, each notebook surge protector will vary in price. You may want to comparison shop before choosing the best surge protector. Some may come with one- or two-year warranties. There are some protectors that come with an equipment guarantee up to a specific amount of money as well.

Standard surge protectors have built-in grounding wire.
Standard surge protectors have built-in grounding wire.

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