How Do I Choose the Best New Advertising Campaign?

C. Mitchell

Choosing the right new advertising campaign is usually a matter of finding a campaign that promotes your product in the way that best lines up with your sales goals going forward. The choice in many ways depends on knowing what you are trying to achieve. Advertising techniques that are effective for one goal, like product re-branding, may not be as effective in another, such as reaching a new market sector. It is usually also a good idea to solicit pitches from a number of different advertising agencies. A diversity of views and suggestions can often help you identify the campaign that feels right to you.

Businessman giving a thumbs-up
Businessman giving a thumbs-up

Most companies and product manufacturers revamp their advertising techniques and tactics every couple of years, if not more frequently. In today’s fast-paced marketplace, new products are constantly being introduced, and consumers seem to have less and less time to make decisions and research products before purchasing them. If done properly, a new advertising campaign can keep a constant grip on consumers’ attention, and can renew interest in even the oldest products.

Before you can choose the best new advertising campaign, you need to be able to explain why you want a new campaign. You may be looking to reach a new sector of the public, such as children or retirees. Maybe you want to introduce a new product variety, or a new service option. Your goal might be to simply redesign your branding to be more competitive. Each of these strategies requires a different sort of advertising plan.

One of the keys to effective marketing is change. There is a line between changing things up for freshness and complete reinvention, however. When choosing a new advertising campaign, look for something that has a fresh feel but is still familiar enough that customers will continue to recognize and trust your name.

An integrated marketing approach is also desirable. Integrated marketing focuses on weaving an ad campaign into various sectors of consumer life. This may mean a combination of television commercials, billboards, and corporate sponsorships of events. In today’s day and age, an effective advertising campaign very often also incorporates new media, including Internet sites and promotional pages on popular social networks.

Before settling on any new advertising plan, it is usually a good idea to have at least a couple of proposals to compare. Looking at the different ideas and suggestions may give you a better sense of the possibilities available to you. It can also help you identify marketing techniques that you do not like. There is rarely a single best choice for a new advertising campaign. In most instances, the campaign that feels the best in light of your goals is usually the one to go with.

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