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How do I Choose the Best Multivitamin Tablets?

A. Pasbjerg
A. Pasbjerg

Choosing the best multivitamin tablets typically involves a combination of looking for a high quality product and finding one that best suits a person's personal needs. It is a good idea to choose a vitamin made only from natural ingredients if possible. One should try to choose a tablet that includes 100% of most key vitamins and nutrients needed by the body on a daily basis, while not exceeding safe amounts either. Since people in different life situations often have different nutritional needs, it is generally best to find a supplement targeted for one's particular needs.

Multivitamin tablets made only with natural ingredients are often a good choice. This type of supplement helps ensure that people are only getting the nutrients they need, without adding in potentially unhealthy ingredients like artificial colors, flavors, or sugar. It also decreases the chances that someone will have an allergic reaction to any of these types of ingredients.

Multivitamin tablets come in enough varieties to meet individual needs.
Multivitamin tablets come in enough varieties to meet individual needs.

It is important that multivitamin tablets provide sufficient amounts of the vitamins and minerals the body requires each day, as most people take a supplement because they are not getting enough of these nutrients in their diets, but should also stay within safe limits as well. When looking at the label, one should try to ensure that all of the daily value needed is included for key nutrients such as the B vitamins and vitamin C. One needs to make sure that nutrients that can become harmful in large amounts, including vitamin A, vitamin E, and iron, meet safe guidelines. The supplement should also be made to hold up in the digestive tract so the nutrients are not destroyed, to ensure the person actually gets the appropriate amounts.

There are a variety of personal factors that should be considered to help determine which multivitamin tablets are best for a particular person. Though everyone needs certain nutrients every day, men and women may need different amounts of them to achieve optimal health. People may need more of some nutrients when they are younger and more of others when they get older; for example, after age 50 many people need more vitamin D and calcium. Pregnant women often need to take specific pre-natal vitamin tablets that have optimal nutrients to ensure their health and that of their babies. Other factors which may need to be taken into account can include one's eating habits, health situation, and lifestyle.

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    • Multivitamin tablets come in enough varieties to meet individual needs.
      By: leungchopan
      Multivitamin tablets come in enough varieties to meet individual needs.