How Do I Choose the Best Mortgage Marketing Software?

A. Rohlandt

There are a number of things to consider when choosing mortgage marketing software: ease of use, security, client management, and automated notifications. Good mortgage marketing software should also include templates for marketing material and an option for targeted e-mail campaigns. Additional considerations include 24/7 support and reasonable pricing.

Mortgage marketing software often includes templates for marketing material, and an option for targeted e-mail campaigns.
Mortgage marketing software often includes templates for marketing material, and an option for targeted e-mail campaigns.

When you purchase mortgage marketing software, one of the most important features to look for is an easy-to use interface. Software that is easy to use and install will cut down on the need for technical assistance and provide a hassle-free experience. The software menus should also be easy to navigate.

If you use software as a service (SaaS), consider the level of security offered. Accounts should be protected by a user name and password, and the site should have additional security features to protect client data. Mortgage marketing software can also be purchased as an application and installed on a local computer, and in this case, a user name and password should offer sufficient protection.

The software you choose should make it easy to manage client data, to add or remove information, and to find specific data when needed. Being able to manage your clients and their data effectively will help improve the customer's experience and make it easy to use contact lists effectively. Automated notifications are a very handy feature to have in mortgage marketing software. Adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) or prepaid notifications can help you alert clients to any changes that might affect their mortgage rates. Sending an e-mail on the client's birthday, prompted by a birthday notification feature, helps personalize the service you provide.

Marketing material is helpful when you need to get the word out about a new product or service. Good mortgage marketing software will provide templates for marketing material. Ideally, the software should include both print and electronic templates, so that the material can be e-mailed or printed out as leaflets.

E-mail campaigns form an important part of any business, and the mortgage industry is no exception. Large e-mail lists are often compiled over time, and using them as a marketing resource can help increase profits with minimal expense. Most clients will welcome the occasional e-mail from a business they know, and mortgage software should allow you to set up the automatic distribution of these e-mails along with monthly newsletters.

Around-the-clock support is another useful feature to look for, since not all clients are based in the same time zone. It's helpful to know that assistance is at hand, especially if you are using this kind of software for the first time. The manufacturer should at least offer assistance through e-mail or live chat, though some companies have dedicated toll-free numbers as well.

Good mortgage marketing software should suit your budget, while offering all the features needed to manage your marketing efforts. You have the option of purchasing software outright, to install on your computer, or of using an SaaS application. You will likely pay a monthly subscription fee for SaaS, so consider this before purchasing such a service.

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