How Do I Choose the Best Mirtazapine Tablets?

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A prescribing doctor, the pharmacist, and any prescription drug insurer that covers a patient often decide which are the best mirtazapine tablets. The patient may not have as much choice, though she could weigh in on the drug formulation or whether the pills are generic or a brand name. Those receiving this medicine can also influence the tablet strength the doctor recommends by commenting on whether the present prescription seems to have too much effect or not enough.

Mirtazapine is used to treat atypical depression.
Mirtazapine is used to treat atypical depression.

In most locations, mirtazapine tablets are only available by prescription. This is important because use of this atypical antidepressant should be closely monitored for potential side effects. Patients can certainly do research on the various antidepressants and indicate their interest in trying the drug, but doctors still get to decide whether it is appropriate.

A doctor or pharmacist can help patients choose mirtazapine tablets.
A doctor or pharmacist can help patients choose mirtazapine tablets.

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Any prescription for mirtazapine tablets is sent to a pharmacist, and he is likely to fill it with a generic medication, unless a brand name is specified. In most cases, pharmacists fill the prescription with the generic version of the drug they keep on hand. Pharmacies also evaluate the patient’s insurance to try to get them the least expensive drug, and with a doctor’s permission they may substitute a generic for a brand name. Patients may specify that they don’t want a generic, if they don’t mind paying more. There is no evidence that any branded drug is more effective, however.

Most patients may also have some choice in mirtazapine tablets when it comes to drug delivery methods. This antidepressant comes in a plain pill in 15, 30, and 45-milligram (mg) strengths. It is also available in the same strengths in the form of a rapid dissolve tablet, which melts quickly on the tongue and doesn’t require water to swallow.

If an individual has a specific preference for using rapid dissolve or traditional pill-swallowing methods, he can ask for either one. This request is best made to the prescribing doctor. It’s not clear that either of these mirtazapine tablets works better than the other. On the other hand, some studies suggest greater treatment compliance with quick-dissolving pills and, possibly, slightly less weight gain, which is a significant issue for many users of mirtazapine.

As the prescribing doctor and patient work together, both help to determine not only the formulation of the drug, but the strength that is appropriate. Patient feedback is a vital consideration when deciding whether stronger or weaker mirtazapine tablets are indicated. Alternately, physicians can evaluate patient response and determine if another medication ought to be considered.

Telling doctors about significant side effects and whether depression symptoms are being alleviated helps to determine the efficacy of the current prescription of mirtazapine tablets. Individuals should note that at the beginning of treatment, it usually takes at least six weeks for the antidepressant to become fully effective. Physicians ought to be informed, too, if there are problems with the current tablet type. These issues may sometimes be resolved by switching to another formulation or by the doctor requesting pills from a different manufacturer.

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